10 Random Questions With Parks And Recreation’s Jim O’Heir

Jim O’Heir is easily one of the funniest character actors on television.  Starring in NBC’s Parks and Recreation since the very beginning as human punchline “Jerry Gergich” (sometimes Larry or Terry), the staff felt honored to have Jim O’Heir answer 10 (extremely) Random Questions.

1.  If you had to marry one of the Golden Girls, which one would it be?

Easy.  Sophia!  I would love to be in bed with Sophia while she regaled me with stories from 1922 Sicily and made sarcastic remarks about my lovemaking.

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 2.  You’re about to jump into a volcano.  What are your final words?

Get me the fuck outta here!!!!!!

 3.  A studio wants to film “The Jim O’Heir Story”.  Who would you cast as The Villain?

The villain in my story would be played by Bobby Flay.  He has a secret recipe for biscuits/gravy and ribs.  They’re my kryptonite.  With this power he has total control over me.

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 4.  Amy Poehler asks you to hide a briefcase full of 1 million dollars, no questions asked.  What do you do?

I believe I would do it.  Knowing me I would have to ask some questions even though she asked me not to.  Ultimately, I trust her and would assume it was for a very good reason.  Of course if I she dies before me…IT’S MINE!  🙂

 5.  If you had to be cast on a show that is no longer running, which show would you choose?

I would love to have been on The Carol Burnett Show.  Such great sketches and it looked like they had a blast.

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 6.  You have a time machine and can go back to visit one memory over again.  Which would it be?

Hard to pin it down to one but I would love to go back to the day I landed in Los Angeles.  Lots of nerves and fear but also lots of hope, excitement and possibilities.

 7.  Which deceased celebrity would you choose to drive you to the airport?

Mr. Magoo.  If it needed to be an actual human being…Johnny Carson.  He knew everybody and had amazing Hollywood stories.

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 8.  What was the one moment when you knew Parks and Recreation would be great?

When we shot the first episode they had Amy Poehler walk around the department and improv with us about what we did.  You could feel the connections immediately.

 9.  If you had to have someone narrate your every movement, who would you choose?

Seth McFarland.  I would want him to keep changing voices from Family Guy with an emphasis on Stewie.

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 10. You have a second chance to do it all over again.  What would you change?

There are things that happened over the years that have brought me pain and disappointment. That being said I think it’s what we have to go through to become who we are.  So, with that being said…I wouldn’t change anything.

These are without a doubt the craziest questions I’ve ever been asked….and I loved it!!!!

Awesome. A big thanks to Jim for having some fun with us answering some extremely random questions!  Check out Parks and Recreation at 8:30/7:30C on NBC, and also check out Mr. O’Heir as an Evil Superlord in the new Space Adventures of Chet Cosmos podcast.

What random questions would you like to see asked next?  Let me know on Twitter @Todd_Spence