10 Pieces Of Weird Confederate Flag Merch Still On EBay

This week Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Sears all announced bans on the sale of Confederate flag merchandise. Why? Because it is pretty f’ing racist.  The argument has always been that the Confederate flag is a symbol of heritage – yes, a racist heritage of the South’s slave-owning past.  Why do you think so many damn white supremacist groups adopt it as their mascot? As sad irony would serve – Confederate Flag merch is quickly selling out – because the items will soon be pulled. One independent site noted:

“We have received over 3,000 orders in less than 24 hours, when a good day for us is 20 orders in 24 hours” along with the assuring message: “Please don’t worry that we will never bow to the historically stupid, politically correct.”

Before the major sites pull all Confederate flag merchandise, here’s a quick sample of items you can buy on eBay & Amazon; simply type in the words “Confederate Flag.”

1) “Redneck”

A fun game is substituting the word “Redneck” for the word “Racist.” Remember, though, it’s all about heritage; a racist, racist heritage.

2) I Ain’t Coming Down

Not only can you wave this flag to symbolize a racist past – but you can also wave it to symbolize bad grammar.

3) These Colors Don’t Run Never Have Never Will

What does this even mean?  Here’s what the 1 star review on Amazon says: “This flags pictured on this T-Shirt was flown by a bunch of traitors while killing US soldiers. It’s the equivalent of flying a ISIS/ISIL flag.”

4) Come And Take It Bumper Sticker

So, what you got here is an angry racist. Sorry, I mean an angry person concerned about his racist heritage.

5) Confederate CSA 3rd Nat’l Civil War Southern Garrison Flag

In the description for this- it says the flag is to promote the newly launched “Southern Party” – which holds rallies to promote its “ideology.” Hmmmm? I wonder what that ideology could involve? racism perhaps?


6) If You Don’t Like What You’re Seeing Don’t Look

A perfect bumper sticker for your car that you nickname “The Racist Mobile.” Second choice for slogan: “Honk If You Love Racism!” or “Our Heritage Is Racist!”

7) Confederate Flag Necktie

This must be for when you want to dress up for your job interview at the “Racist Factory.”

8) Confederate Flag Curtain Blinds

Now, here’s something to put over your windows when you don’t want to see the times chaning outside.

9) Rebel Marijuana Leaf Lapel Hat Pin Pot Tie Tack Confederate Flag

“Hey! Let’s get high …and think racist thoughts….”

10) Welcome To The South Now Go Home

Can you guess which race this bumper sticker is directed at?

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