10 of the Worst Wrestling Gimmicks Ever

Wrestling gimmicks are as old as wrestling and while some, like the Rock, work, others fail miserably.  Have a look!

1. Battle Kat

A real, adult man was forced to do this for a living.

2. Eugene

Eugene's gimmick was that he was the special needs brother of the guy who ran the company.  That was his gimmick.  On purpose.

3. Mantaur

This guy wore an immense bull mask to the ring and would moo at people.

4. Glacier

So yes, these guys played Mortal Kombat and really liked Subzero.

5. KISS Demon

This was meant to be an alter-ego of Gene Simmons, if you can wrap your head around that concept.

6. Bastion Booger

His gimmick was that we was gross.  Good one.

7. Friar Ferguson

Recognize him? It's Bastion Booger again, only now as a Mad Monk with a drinking problem.

9. Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz

Modelled after a gang member from the movie the Warriors? Awesome!

10. Shockmaster

The most infamously lame gimmick ever, it's a sparkly Stormtrooper helmet on a guy who, while being introduced, fell right though a fake wall.