10 Of Our Favorite GIFs From 2012!

GIFs were a big deal in 2012. Everyone was using them, even my mother (however, my mother was actually using JIF peanut butter, but she was so excited about being in tune with the times that she bragged constantly about “using gifs” and “eating a gif sandwich” and “rubbing gif on my father when…” and then I hung up).

Here are 10 of our favorites:

Oh, Michelle Jenneke. You will always be in our hearts.

[[contentId: 2398730| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 640px; height: 360px;]]

Holy crap is about all anyone can say.

[[contentId: 2398731| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 420px; height: 240px;]]

Dammit, Darth!

[[contentId: 2398732| data-allowvote: false]]

That dog has some sweet moves.

[[contentId: 2398733| data-allowvote: false]]

What does that power give you?

[[———— Page Break ————]]

[[contentId: 2398734| data-allowvote: false]]

It never stops being funny.

[[contentId: 2398735| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 500px; height: 269px;]]

This is a mashup that could be awesome if it actually happened.

[[contentId: 2398736| data-allowvote: false]]

She’s neat.

[[contentId: 2398737| data-allowvote: false]]

These two bros are awesome. Sadly, as Lakers fans, they don’t get to celebrate often.

[[contentId: 2398738| data-allowvote: false]]

Let’s end the year with a Sir Sean Connery fist bump!