10 Labor Day Barbecue Fails!

BBQ fails seem to be an entire category into itself – in the same vein as cats with Hitler mustaches and guys getting hit really hard in the nuts. In the case of BBQ fails, one thing is certain, there is going to be fire involved. And grilled food. Perhaps even an explosion or two.  

Let’s throw some lighter fluid onto the grill and then don’t pay attention to it while we watch these 10 Labor Day BBQ Fails. *

1) Le Barbecue Explose !!

Those crazy French motherfuckers. When their BBQs explode, they go “Le Boom!” Looks like dinner is being served – all over the side of the house.

2) Spin the Umbrella

I’m not sure if spinning the umbrella helped in putting out the BBQ fire or just caused the umbrella to burn even more. One thing I do know, alcohol was certainly involved.

3) Grilling Steaks With Molten Lava

Maybe not the most advisable way to BBQ a steak – at 1000 degrees; but you’ll know when its cooked when its about to go extinct.


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4) Hurricane BBQ 

Why let a little rain, or extreme weather, ruin your BBQ. Just grab an umbrella and pray that you and your grill don’t blow away.

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5) Man Almost Engulfed In Flames 

You should really read the user manual for barbecuing before being allowed access to fire.


6) Burning Down The Table

Is it a bad sign when your barbecue ends with burning down your picnic table? Hamburgers taste so much better when eaten off a smoking pine table.

7) Blowing Up BBQ Propane Tank With 303 Rifle 

Obviously, not the best way to roast your marshmallows.

8) Exploding Grill

Get the party started by almost having your grill explode!

9) Another Exploding Grill

Somehow, in this video, I think lots of crystal meth was in involved.

10) How NOT To Light A Barbeque 

When things go “BOOM” that’s how you know it’s all gone wrong.


*Don’t do that.

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