10 Game of Thrones Characters With Kim Jong Un Haircuts

This week it was announced that North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un made a rule that all male college students in his country were to have his haircut. Even people in North Korea, who might be killed for speaking out against their Dear Leader, were quoted as saying his cut might look a little odd on all those different people. This brings up the question of the Kim Jong Un haircut might look if it were made mandatory in another kingdom. Specifically if all the characters in Game Of Thrones were forced to have the “The Un” as the hip college kids aren’t calling it. Here’s what they’d look like:

1. Jaime Jun Lannister

[[contentId: 2592478| alt: | style: height:465px; width:550px]]

2. Kim Jon Snow

[[contentId: 2592479| alt: | style: height:578px; width:550px]]

3. Khal-A-New-Stylist Drogo 

[[contentId: 2592480| alt: | style: height:523px; width:550px]]

4. The High Top Hound

[[contentId: 2592481| alt: | style: height:519px; width:550px]]

6 & 7. Bran and Hairdor

[[contentId: 2592482| alt: | style: height:365px; width:550px]]

8. Joffrey Jon Un

[[contentId: 2592483| alt: | style: height:475px; width:550px]]

9. Tyrion-Up Lannister

[[contentId: 2592484| alt: | style: height:663px; width:550px]]

10. Arya-Kiddin-Me Stark

[[contentId: 2592485| alt: | style: height:641px; width:550px]]

Bonus: Dire Straits Wolf 

[[contentId: 2592486| alt: | style: height:525px; width:550px]]

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