10 “Best” Yelp Reviews For That Dentist That Killed Cecil The Lion

Yelp is a great service. Not only can you write reviews on businesses, but it allows you to write reviews on the people who own the businesses. Such is the case with Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer and his business, River Bluff Dental.

Here is a recent picture of his dentist office door:

Though I’m not an advocate of public shaming via social media – in this case it’s deserved because the victim here is Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe who this rich dentist shot and killed.

Just remember, you drew first blood.

Karma is a bitch. Yes, dentist Walter Palmer, it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel. Except in this case it wasn’t a fish, but the beloved lion, Cecil. – which you paid $56,000 to illegally kill with a bow and arrow, let suffer for 40 hours, and then finish off with a bullet. In case you’re wondering, here are the best Yelp reviews that popped up yesterday on Walter Palmer’s River Bluff Dental Yelp page:

1)  Cecil Cosplay

True, do you really want this man putting his hands in your mouth?

2) 5 Stars For Being An Asshole!

Not a bad review if being a complete douchebag is what you’re aiming for.

3)  Lion Dentistry

No subtlety here…Starts with a funny joke, and then all kidding is put aside.

4) Dental Chair of Baby Seal Pelts

The important detail in this review is that the dental chair was not only made of baby seals, but baby seals that dentist Walter Palmer clubbed to death.

5) Head Ache

And don’t let him give you the laughing gas…

6)  At Least He Didn’t Cut Off Her Head

Shades of Bill Cosby, the woman who filed the sexual harassment case should be lucky that dentist Walter Palmer didn’t cut off her head and mount it on the wall as a trophy.

7) Quiver & Novocain

What sells this comment for me is the attached photo created by the Yelp user. Well done

8) What Is He Talking About?

This review kind of makes no sense – or it makes perfect sense; you decide!

9) In Happier Times

Clearly this review was written in a happier times; you know that era before dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion with a bow and arrow and let it suffer for 40 hours before finishing him off with a bullet.

10) 5 Stars For Lion Floss

You should dead motherf#cking lion floss twice a day as well…

Do you have any Yelp reviews to add for Dr. Palmer?

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