Study: 1 In 10 Millennials Check Their Smartphones While Having Sex

Many of us are guilty of being glued to our smartphones while watching movies, sitting through meetings or even while driving a car. However, a new study has revealed that 10 percent of millennials are so reliant on their smartphone fix that they check it during sex.

Researchers at the University of Virginia in conjunction with colleagues from the University of British Columbia published the findings.

“Less than 10 years ago, Steve Jobs promised that smartphones ‘will change everything,’” researcher Kostadin Kushlev said. “And with the internet in their pockets, people today are bombarded with notifications – whether from email, text messaging, social media or news apps – anywhere they go. We are seeking to better understand how this constant inflow of notifications influences our minds.”

Their findings indicate that out of 221 students surveyed, one in ten confessed to checking their phone during – not before or after – sexual activity. Researchers also learned that the average student spends two hours per day on their phone: 95 percent check their phones frequently during social activities, while 70 percent check their phone at work.

Even more alarming, researchers drew a link between a smartphone obsession and the increased presence of ADHD symptoms, including inattention and hyperactivity.

Are we all doomed to have the attention span of six year olds? “Importantly, we found that people can reduce the harmful effects of overstimulation by smartphones simply by keeping their phones on silent and out of easy reach whenever possible, thus keeping notifications at bay,” Kushlev said.

In that case, maybe we should all think twice before using our smartphones so much?

Nah, never mind. Who am I kidding? We’ll keep checking those notifications – even if we’re having sex.

Source: UVAToday