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  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 1, 2017

    Outrageous surveillance footage out of Cincinnati shows the moment when a gunman opened fire inside of a cellphone retail shop. And it's actually quite odd.

    The stunning video shows a yet-unidentified man walking into the store, wandering around for a bit and then opening fire on another man.

    The gunman fired multiple shots, although didn't seem to take time to aim his weapon. One of the shots struck 25-year-old Miguel Beckles in the leg, causing him to topple to the ground.

    Beckles was taken to the nearby University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment and is expected to fully recover.

    Now, Cincinnati police are asking anyone with any information leading to the gunman’s arrest to come forward. No word has surfaced as to whether the incident was a failed hit, a planned robbery gone bad, or if it was just a random act of violence.

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 1, 2017

    A routine traffic stop outside of a Georgia automotive retailer devolved into chaos when the driver of a parked pickup truck suddenly accelerated, sending his vehicle crashing through the shop and injuring an unsuspecting employee.

    Authorities have stated that a police officer went to check on a driver who was parked in front of an Advance Auto Parts store in Summerville when the driver apparently lost control of his vehicle.

    Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured, but an employee at the Advance Auto Parts store was hit in the face by flying debris. No charges have been filed in relation to the accident.

    The incident was caught on the officer’s dashcam. Footage shows the police officer briefly speaking to the yet-unidentified driver before he apparently slams his foot on the gas pedal, sending the pickup truck through a glass window and into the middle of the auto parts retailer.

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 1, 2017

    Mathilde Goehler is a gorgeous brunette from Denmark who has amassed an enormous social media following thanks to her unbelievable looks. This jaw-dropping jet setter has traveled the world thanks to her successful career as a professional model. Although you couldn’t tell from her perfect body, Mathilde is the proud mother of a baby girl.

    Source: Instagram

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 1, 2017

    Two wrongs clearly don’t make a right: a Florida police officer is in hot water after he was caught on his own body cam stealing hundreds of dollars from a man that he had just arrested for driving under the influence.

    Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy John Braman was caught red-handed as he attempted to pocket two $100 bills belonging to a suspect arrested for a DUI in Ormond Beach.

    Braman’s superior, Sheriff Mike Chitwood, blasted him as a “thieving idiot” for snatching the hundred-dollar bills and noted that the sticky-fingered cop had already received several complaints for purloining money from people he had just arrested.

    Now, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is pursuing a criminal investigation of Braman, who was placed on administrative leave after the latest incident took place. He resigned a few days after his greedy actions were caught on body cam footage for the world to see.

    Before being assigned to road patrol, Braman – a 10-year employee of the sheriff’s office – had been hired by the department as a motorcycle deputy.

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 1, 2017

    The Oklahoma City Police Department was hesitant to order body cameras for its law enforcement officers, but this latest case makes the decision worthwhile: an apparent drug mule spit up drugs that he had hidden in his rear end after officers received complaints that the man had been obstructing traffic.

    Antonio Jackson, 29, was arrested on January 18 after police received several reports of a man harassing drivers and acting belligerent in the middle of the street. When officers arrived on the scene and asked Jackson to remove his hands from his pockets, he did not comply with their orders.

    That’s when officers were forced to wrestle Jackson to the ground and place him under arrest. They could smell marijuana but were not immediately able to determine where the scent was coming from.

    Later, when Jackson was being booked, he spit out what could only be described as a “wet, green slop,” which he told officers was the result of his “digging in my butt on the way down here.”

    Jackson eventually faced charges of obstructing an officer, possession of marijuana, and public intoxication. He was also slapped with a charge of first-degree burglary in relation to his bizarre crimes.

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 1, 2017

    Are we about to get invaded by cave monsters? Scientists have identified that a mysterious 2-mile crack in the earth located in the Arizona desert is expected to grow even larger in the next few years.

    New drone-cam footage shows the fissure, which was first discovered in 2014 by geologist Joseph Cook of the Arizona Geological Survey after he studied Google Earth images, in all its glory. Roughly 10 feet wide at maximum, the crack cuts through a dry area dotted with shrubs.

    According to Cook, the fissure appeared to be a lot smaller on Google Earth, and he was surprised when he actually went out to investigate and found that it had grown to nearly 2 miles.

    Authorities have even expressed concern that the crack, located in the Tator Hills area about 13 miles south of Arizona City, could eventually become problematic for livestock, people driving through the area, or curious humans who stand close to the edge and tumble in.

    While the fissure’s origins are still shrouded in speculation, Cook believes that it may have been formed underground by farmers’ subsurface water wells and exposed on the surface by heavy rains in 2014 and 2016.

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 2, 2017

    Nightmarish footage shows the moment when an unsuspecting bicyclist was mowed down by a speeding teenaged driver in a gruesome hit-and-run that took place as the teen tried to elude a police officer.

    In the video, which was captured by a surveillance camera and released by the local police, a car driven by 19-year-old Benjamin George can be seen zooming down an empty street when 34-year-old Jacek Szafranski suddenly comes into frame while riding his bike.

    George plows directly into Szafranski, sending him pinwheeling like a ragdoll ten feet into the air before crashing to the ground. The victim can later be seen unconscious on the sidewalk. Within minutes, first responders arrive to the scene.

    According to police, George had managed to slip away from a police car that had been trailing him by zipping down side streets, running through red lights, and nearly striking a pedestrian in the process.

    Szafranski, who was on his way to work, miraculously escaped the collision with his life. He suffered a fractured left ankle, three broken toes, a collapsed lung, and cuts to his head, thigh, calf, and foot.

    Authorities found that George was already on bail for a dangerous driving incident that took place just two weeks earlier. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

  • Posted by Wil-Reagan  / Feb. 2, 2017

    A wild drunken brawl on Liverpool’s Seel Street, a popular nightlife destination in the city’s center, was caught on dashcam footage for the world to see. Now, police are hoping that this video will help them identify the suspects involved.

    The footage shows two groups of combatants hurling punches at each other until one of the fighters knocks another man unconscious.

    Things only ramp up from there: a man in a gray shirt comes to rescue his downed buddy with a flurry of awkward kicks… only to lose his balance and fall down. Nicely done, mate. Meanwhile, another large scuffle spills back into the street and quickly turns into a three-on-one slugfest against a guy on the ground.

    According to authorities, police were called at around 1:30 am by someone who saw the two groups of men fighting for their lives. By the time they arrived, only one of the groups remained and one of the men had suffered minor injuries.

    No police complaints were filed and nobody was admitted to the hospital in relation to the street brawl.

  • Posted by Stephen-Kersey  / Feb. 2, 2017

    The sizzling Juana Nunez is an up-and-coming fitness model who has just started to turn heads on Instagram thanks to her perfectly toned bod. This fit fox has made a name for herself as a top-notch competitor within the National Physique Committee and can usually be found pumping iron at the gym.

    Source: Instagram