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  • Posted by mrwangers  / May. 29, 2012

    Kobe Bryant and his Lakers leave the playoffs early again after dropping to the Thunder 4-1. This dude did a funny parody wishing LA could have back the Kobe that they use to know.

  • Posted by mizzanimal  / May. 29, 2012

    Eric Starkey, a magician from Pittsburgh, uses an impressive Rube Goldberg machine to pick out his wife's signed card from a deck.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / May. 29, 2012

    In this commercial two toads inadvertently play chicken with a Ford. After watching this frog commercial, we here at Break hope that the upcoming new 'Mad Max' movies are made with Australian toads instead of actors.

  • Posted by Fortey  / May. 29, 2012

    Hey, it happens to the best of us. Someone has a camera, you're not quite ready to have your picture taken because you're in the middle of a fart, and then this happens. The Derp Face.

  • Posted by mellifluent  / May. 29, 2012

    This guy had a little too much to drink and tried to walk away from the bar. To where? We don't know. But, we doubt his destination was a tall metal pole.

  • Posted by stupidvidiom  / May. 29, 2012

    We've seen what Russia is like. It's kind of scary, kind of awesome, but really weird. However, it's worth going through all that to get a drink from this guy.

  • Posted by Fortey  / May. 30, 2012

    Nothing says you're taking the bull by the horns quite like deciding to do something you really don't have the skill to do by yourself. But how do you prepare? A helpful book oughtta do. Make sure you have 911 on speed dial.

  • Posted by stupidvidiom  / May. 30, 2012

    A female driver manages to damage a Ferrari F430, Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche 911, and a Mercedes S Class all in one crash. There should be an achievement for that.

  • Posted by TitsMcgee06  / May. 30, 2012

    If you take a photo at just the right moment, you get something completely different than what you thought you would. Most often it's hilarious and sometimes proves you have a dirty mind.

  • Posted by bigbadjewdodaddy  / May. 30, 2012

    This is a commercial for a company in Belgium that helps parents with rowdy kids. It's definitely effective...

  • Posted by EddieAdams  / May. 30, 2012

    When people decide to stand on top of each other to create large structures, it'll either end up awesome or bad. For the kid on the top, let's hope it's awesome.

    More info about this video: This 200 year old Catalonian tradition has to be one of the most dangerous competitions in the world. These human castles are used to celebrate festivals in a small region of Spain. These brave souls bear tons of weight for pride and glory.

  • Posted by MalibuBayFilms  / May. 30, 2012

    The Golden Gate Bridge had it's 75th birthday this past weekend. Here's a time lapse video of the celebration. We don't think a birthday can get much more epic than this.

  • Posted by Fortey  / May. 30, 2012

    When it comes to man versus nature rarely do both sides pull out all the stops like they do when it comes to producing explosions. Nature has supernovas, we have the Tsar Bomba. Big balls of fire for everyone.

  • Posted by borges40  / May. 31, 2012

    State Rep. Mike Bost has a massive meltdown on the floor of the Illinois House. Not sure what bill they're debating, but pretty sure Mike is a 'No'.

    More info about this video: Mike Bost lost his cool in the Illinois state house in May when he was given only 20 minutes to review a 200 page bill. While his anger was justified no one could have expected the fit he would throw in front of the entire legislative body.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / May. 31, 2012

    Here is Sausage Party's version of the first theatrical trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises". However, there's only one slight difference between their trailer and the official trailer. That small difference, of course, being the fact that every character in the trailer is portrayed by, you guessed it, sausages.