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  • Posted by haveuseenmystapler  / Jun. 20, 2012

    This man, Ryan Stock, holds the world record for longest drill bit drilled into his nose. This 4.5 inch bit just slides right into his nose. Meanwhile, your vomit slides right out of your mouth.

  • Posted by biggtrouble  / Jun. 20, 2012

    We guess dangerous off-road courses and extreme city streets aren't enough for some people. Now, there are races on glaciers. Awesome... and frightening.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Jun. 20, 2012

    Russia's an amazing country with some amazing people and we've seen so many images we figured it'd be a good idea to start a new weekly feature to bring you the best of what Russia has to offer.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Jun. 20, 2012

    Is this summer's slate of superhero blockbusters looking pretty crappy to you? Then check out "Boy God!" This Filipino flick features a small child with superhuman powers, like curling into a ball and rolling through people like bowling pins! We here at Break are pretty sure that, by comparison, this movie makes "The Last Airbender" look like "Citizen Kane."

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Jun. 21, 2012

    Does the cultural phenomenon of "Call Me Maybe" make you feel like lonely in your hatred of it? The brilliant kid in this video proves that you are not alone in this cold, dark world anymore...

  • Posted by therockbottom  / Jun. 21, 2012

    A first person puzzler that looks like a 2D game, but you manipulate it using a 3D perspective. This will blow your mind.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Jun. 21, 2012

    This summer is giving us not just Comic Con but Christopher Nolan's final Batman film the Dark Knight Rises. How could we not do a Batman cosplay gallery?

  • Posted by Fortey  / Jun. 21, 2012

    Half of a good meal is just the visual appeal of the whole thing. So there's not a lot of hope for any of these making good meals.

  • Posted by Avon_Barksdale  / Jun. 21, 2012

    What's the only thing better than watching anime sober? Watching anime on acid, right!? If you feel the same way then we here at Break think you should try "Pikachu On Acid!"

  • Posted by murphyy  / Jun. 21, 2012

    Apple and Microsoft both have different ways of announcing products, but they are more similar than you think. Here is a video comparing the two historical announcements. Which do you think is better?

  • Posted by theladyzman  / Jun. 21, 2012

    In this video three young geniuses challenge each other to see who can chug a gallon of milk the fastest without throwing up. They throw up. Shocking, we know. Sorry, we knew the suspense was killing you.

  • Posted by mullen99  / Jun. 21, 2012

    It's a little more fun to see a stunt fail because of human failure than mechanical. In this case, the guy doesn't really understand how good timing makes things work.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Jun. 21, 2012

    Some people consider competitive eating a sport. Some people probably consider getting up a sport, too. In nay event, here's some people who eat professionally.

  • Posted by YouNeedPOWAH  / Jun. 22, 2012

    The American Helicopter Society's offered a $250,000 award for any self-propelled helicopter that completes a 60 second flight. These guys come close setting a new world record, but missing the prize by 20 seconds.

  • Posted by redban  / Jun. 22, 2012

    Classic Joe Rogan clip from back in 2008 has been making its rounds on the internet again after getting mentioned by Joe in a podcast. For those that have never seen it this is how you shut up a heckler.

  • Posted by Videokie  / Jun. 22, 2012

    This man took police on a high-speed chase, all while high on drugs. When pulled over, the man was asked what he was doing. His answers are confusing and priceless.