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  • Posted by borges40  / Aug. 20, 2012

    After walking away uninjured from a second life threatening explosion in the last month it's hard to say whether this is the luckiest or unluckiest news reporter in Syria.

  • Posted by mr_majestic  / Aug. 20, 2012

    Two kids fall apart in the car after watching 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' at the movies. Parents laugh while filming their kids heartbreak and post it online for the world to see. Bad parenting?

  • Posted by mrwangers  / Aug. 20, 2012

    This week on Uncaged with Sasquatich, Brian Wilson challenges a disrespectful 'Squatch to a staring contest. Hijinks ensue as the little Public Access show that could turns into a weird Japanese anime film. Things go flying, but probably not in the way you think; let's just say with their hands as one, they disperse the fruit.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 20, 2012

    Some women like to wear something different to the beach, something more exotic or weird or even stupid. These women are doing just that and some of them are just plain confusing.

  • Posted by mizzanimal  / Aug. 20, 2012

    The driver in the blue car was a little upset so he stopped, got out, and tried to get inside another driver's car. But little did this guy know, that driver had a weapon as well...

  • Posted by mrwangers  / Aug. 21, 2012

    Two guys are hoping to create a video about unlawful detainment and seizure, but thanks to police officer Mike North they only created one with them looking like a couple dumb asses.

  • Posted by kincaid198  / Aug. 21, 2012

    Even though nearly every dog has learned this trick the internet goes crazy when a cat finally picks it up.

  • Posted by Avon_Barksdale  / Aug. 21, 2012

    Cats are generally horrible creatures that should be avoided at all costs. However, when they decide to sing the theme from the HBO show "Game of Thrones", we guess you can't help but like them a little bit.

  • Posted by Charlie01  / Aug. 21, 2012

    It's like something right out of Star Wars! Years later, an older version will be introduced that looks and performs way better but ruins your childhood, just like Star Wars!

  • Posted by ballisticturtle  / Aug. 21, 2012

    Has owning a scooter instead of a motorcycle made you feel less masculine? Then just replace the horn on your tiny scooter with a horn from a huge train. No over compensating here. . . Nope. . . Not at all. . .

  • Posted by twindragon  / Aug. 22, 2012

    This news anchor decides to offer up some "canoodling" time with the weather girl, but she is very uninterested. It's some of the most awkward moments we've seen in a news blooper yet.

    More info about this video: Vancouver newsman Andrew Johnson had no idea a normal news day would make him a viral star. With a simple suggestion to Astrid Braunschmidt, and a strong denial by her, this viral video was born.

  • Posted by haveuseenmystapler  / Aug. 22, 2012

    Unfortunately, Buster Martin died last year at the age of 104 so 'forever' is a bit misleading, but impressive nonetheless. Be interesting to see how well this system works if you skip the marathon part.

  • Posted by mellifluent  / Aug. 22, 2012

    A modern day version of the Powers of Ten beginning with the known observable universe and decreasing in size until reaching the smallest possible area value.

  • Posted by smellthis  / Aug. 22, 2012

    Not really surprised that they forgot to cut the rope, but no dash cam on the friggin' balloon? Come on, Russia!

  • Posted by Fortey  / Aug. 22, 2012

    Our journey to the land of dancing bears this week has swords on the subway, dizzying heights and, of course, someone cutting sausage with a sword.