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  • Posted by Fortey  / Apr. 24, 2012

    It's that time of year, when Break editors sit at home and drink to drown the memories of getting doused in pig's blood at prom. For others it's when this stuff goes on.

  • Posted by Avon_Barksdale  / Apr. 24, 2012

    Perfect time for this bride to change her mind. Not sure how the bride's father could sit by and let this wedding continue.

  • Posted by biggtrouble  / Apr. 24, 2012

    This guy really knows how to make his female Facebook friends feel special... and incredibly creeped out. Watch the whole thing. You'll love it, especially the slow-mo shirt removal.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Apr. 24, 2012

    Chances are you have a tongue and it's more or less normal. Maybe you can curl it funny, maybe it has a piercing. But probably none of this weirdness is afoot.

  • Posted by mr_majestic  / Apr. 24, 2012

    Pizza Hut exists in the Middle East and introduced this new pizza in an effort to get everyone there to look like Americans. And honestly, we really, really want one of these. Who doesn't?

  • Posted by kincaid198  / Apr. 24, 2012

    This guy wants to watch television, but his remote control has other plans in mind. Watch this fight for living room domination and see who wins.

  • Posted by mizzanimal  / Apr. 24, 2012

    Let's be honest. We all want to call this guy a nerd, but we also all really want one of these so we can go around and pop kids' balloons and laugh as we run off.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Apr. 24, 2012

    Everyone loves a good board game, from an action packed game of Candy Land to a rage-inducing round of Monopoly. But some games maybe don't need to be played at all anymore.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Apr. 25, 2012

    Selling sex is about as hard as convincing a starving man to eat a sandwich, but that doesn't mean you can't do it with a little flare. The people behind these signs really classed up the joint.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Apr. 25, 2012

    A clueless pedestrian is alive only because of the quick reaction and skills of this ambulance driver. You would think a simple 'Thank You' might have been nice or at least a wave.

  • Posted by FawltyTowersSuck  / Apr. 25, 2012

    Victor Marx is an expert in karate and can possibly disarm you faster than anyone else. His technique is much better than ours, which is just wetting ourselves.

  • Posted by YouNeedPOWAH  / Apr. 25, 2012

    Don't have anyone hot to travel with? Well, just pay one of these ladies! That solves all your problems. We're looking into seeing how much it costs to get a lady to go with us to Cleveland.

  • Posted by borges40  / Apr. 25, 2012

    In Australia, there is an event where you must chug a beer, run a lap, then do that three more times. We don't know what the winner gets other than pride and probably many chances to vomit.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Apr. 25, 2012

    Every country has a reputation. Canadians are polite, Germans are efficient, the Japanese are smart and the Irish enjoy a snifter of port. America's reputation abroad is colored by many things, some more charming than others.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Apr. 26, 2012

    Every day everyone's driving around with all that wasted ad space on their cars. Good thing these industrious people went all out with some memorable wraps and paint jobs to give us something to think about.

  • Posted by YouNeedPOWAH  / Apr. 26, 2012

    These guys build and launch a rocket that reaches an altitude of 121,000 feet and a top speed above Mach 3, literally faster than a bullet.

  • Posted by mellifluent  / Apr. 26, 2012

    Armands Skele makes an impossible half court behind the back three pointer to bring his team within three points. When asked after the game to comment about the shot he said it had nothing to do with luck, it was all Skele.

    More info about this video: The Latvian pro earned his paycheck in this game of basketball. The BC Kalev/Cramo team won against Tarvas in part because of this amazing shot.

  • Posted by kincaid198  / Apr. 26, 2012

    First question you're probably thinking is 'How the hell did this kid catch a friggin' squirrel?'. We still don't know. If you're worried about the boy though he is doing fine and the squirrel didn't have rabies