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  • Posted by therockbottom  / Oct. 6, 2011

    Animal of the day! Leopard's are majestic creatures. But did you know that when they are babies, they sound like lasers? The more you know!

  • Posted by buckwebber  / Oct. 6, 2011

    In her quest to get a regional Emmy for her reporting, this reporter forgot that "you never go full retard." The Emmy voters just don't respect it.

    This herp derp reporter just can not hear over the awesome soundcheck going on behind her. The noise is just too much for her to handle. She herps and derps all over that arena.

  • Posted by twindragon  / Oct. 6, 2011

    I guarantee not one hand will go up to volunteer for Show and Tell after this guy. They'll all be busy dabbing at the moisture spontaneously emanating from the ducts near their eyes.

  • Posted by therockbottom  / Oct. 7, 2011

    It's rare for a pole dance to transcend hotness and make you think about the athletic ability of the dancer, and this video does that. Don't get me wrong, it's sexy too. But man, now I wanna do some sit-ups.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 7, 2011

    After 29 years of not being able to hear anything, this deaf woman gets a cochlear implant and is able to experience Rebecca Black's "Friday" for the very first time. This is heartbreaking.

  • Posted by therockbottom  / Oct. 7, 2011

    Screw Dyson, get one of these things in your house and you'll be set.

  • Posted by djhooker  / Oct. 8, 2011

    This police chase takes place in the UK, where a man steals a digger and takes it for a joyride. Next time he wants a thrill, he should try driving in the right lane.

  • Posted by Chalups  / Oct. 8, 2011

    Add a little dubstep and juggling goes from that hobby that girls laugh at to that hobby that girls dance to and still laugh at. That said, this dubstep juggling routine is pretty cool.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 9, 2011

    A group of tourists take a trip to watch the beautiful English countryside... as it collapses into the ocean.

  • Posted by aberdean  / Oct. 9, 2011

    Let this be a lesson to all the camera men out there that decide to film the ground right after your buddy wipes out. This guy should be half way to the hospital but he still manages to get a clip of the aftermath.

  • Posted by aberdean  / Oct. 9, 2011

    A lady interrupts a Michael Buble concert and talks him into letting her fifteen year old sing up on stage. I was all ready for a disaster then got blown away.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 9, 2011

    After impaling his junk on this post, this guy will always have this video to remind him of the last time he was one of the guys.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 9, 2011

    Apparently, Saudis go through cars like Americans go through Big Macs, with reckless abandon and no regard for the consequences.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 9, 2011

    These old guys took their clothes off and created a calendar to raise money for their church, which I'm sure just gave many other members of the clergy ideas for... fundraisers. Yeah, fundraisers.

  • Posted by CStrickland85  / Oct. 10, 2011

    This is a cool video of a car jumping rope, but I'm going to have to call fake. I don't see any West Coast rappers hanging around.