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  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 18, 2011

    Break remembers Regis Philibin, who is leaving his show and television after being on air 280 years. Here, we share his most inspirational and humorous quotes.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 18, 2011

    Eddie Jackson of Legends MMA Training Center (Los Angeles) shows you how. For more great advice, visit

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Nov. 18, 2011

    Animal of the Day! Ladies, next time a guy asks you to come to his place and check out his puma, don't jump to conclusions, okay?

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Nov. 18, 2011

    After a car crash, Police in Phoenix, AZ chased down a puppy who was making a run for it, in traffic, up one of Arizona's highways. It's still unclear what role he played in the crash and why he tried to escape.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 18, 2011

    These are the week’s ten best comments as determined by your dear Break editors. The person who posted the week’s #1 comment will receive a Break T-shirt in the mail.

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Nov. 20, 2011

    Takes about a minute for the video to get going, but definitely worth the wait. One of the coolest dog videos I have ever seen.

  • Posted by BobZamuda  / Nov. 20, 2011

    This performance on India's Got Talent starts off like just another dance performance but quickly de-evolves into a series of Break's greatest hits: Things get smashed, light bulbs gets eaten, and a guy gets driven over.

    More related content from ScreenJunkies: 7 of the Most Dangerous Stunts in Movie History - "Raise a glass to the movie stuntmen, who risk their necks (and other parts of their bodies) on a regular basis for the amusement of movie fans. They fall, they burn, they blow up, they crash and much more, all simply to enhance the realism and entertainment value of the movies most people take for granted."

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Nov. 20, 2011

    Two eyes. One eye. It doesn't make a difference. If you aren't the lead singer or guitarist, you're not really in the market for chicks anyway.

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Nov. 21, 2011

    Never had any desire to visit Austria until now. Check out the insane amount of speed this guy picks up in the Alpine Coaster when he chooses not to use the mandatory hand brake.

    This alpine coaster zigzags through an Austrian hillside. The rider gets going pretty fast winding left and right and under low bridges and through tunnels. Looks like a really fun ride.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 21, 2011

    Over the weekend Lt. Pike, an officer with the University of California Davis police department, pepper sprayed students in the face at point-blank range. The Internet immediately struck back with these pictures of Lt. Pike pepper spraying everything.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 22, 2011

    With every day, we inch closer to Christmas. This means people are starting to decorate. And while most decorations are tasteful, some people lose all sanity and make these displays. Vote and let us know which is worse.

  • Posted by Rex-Moribe-4  / Nov. 22, 2011

    One brave kid rocks out to a band no one is interested in and his enthusiasm is contagious. Before too long, a bunch of kids rush the floor and start moshing.