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  • Posted by bignblk  / May. 24, 2011

    A ground beetle kills a toad and eats it in a laboratory environment. The real pity is that the toad spent six months preparing for this match but went out like a chump.

  • Posted by usukit  / May. 24, 2011

    This is an ode to the People Of Walmart by Jessica Frech. It catalogs every known species of Walmart shopper. It's an anthropological marvel.

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    The people of Walmart are a breed of their own. You gotta wonder what they pump through the airvents in there. It attracts the crazy like nothing else. Fashion blunders a plenty. Clothes that are too small, animal print, torn and tattered, filthy dirty, or just plain weird all make an appearance in the People of Walmart video.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 25, 2011

    This poor cat keeps falling for the same trick every single day and never gets that stupid feather.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 25, 2011

    No matter what the secret ingredient is for the day this guy makes it sound like the world's most epic ingredient.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 25, 2011

    This dude falls head first through an opening and lands fourteen feet below on a concrete basement floor.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 25, 2011

    This dude tries to parachute down right in front of his house but ends up crashing into his hedge.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 25, 2011

    Somebody should of told the dude in the Vick jersey that your allowed to block punches. The only way he could of done any worse is if he started hitting himself.

  • Posted by usukit  / May. 25, 2011

    Obama's attempt to toast the queen is interrupted by England's national anthem, and it only gets more awkward as he powers through. "Quick, must bomb something to divert attention! Newfoundland?"

  • Posted by Videokie  / May. 25, 2011

    They should let this guy stand on the winner's podium at the end just so that the crowd can get one more chance to laugh at him.

  • Posted by Ryan-Holly-607  / May. 26, 2011

    There's a new five second rule. If your food touches the floor of the NYC subway for less than five seconds and you eat it, your insurance can immediately drop your coverage on the grounds of pre-existing stupidity.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 26, 2011

    Dr Dre was an awesome little kid. This is him giving an interview for some TV show when he was just a couple years old.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 26, 2011

    This kid has amazing Diabolo skills. You have to love how he pauses after doing something difficult making sure the audience realizes how epic he is.

  • Posted by willz75  / May. 26, 2011

    An elaborate setup to record one lightning strike captures an awesome looking lightning bolt as it strikes a nearby tree. The tree was probably far less excited about the photo op.

  • Posted by TitsMcgee06  / May. 26, 2011

    Forget everything you know about entering a car-- this guy just upped the ante for everyone. If you aren't using the Reverse Leg Swing to get into your car, then you don't deserve to ride in a car.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / May. 26, 2011

    Well, this kid walks away with just some scratches but I guarantee if he sticks with it he will be a future Darwin Award contender.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 27, 2011

    This guy takes off over the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia in his Airborne XT912 and took some incredible footage of the flight.

  • Posted by PandaSmash  / May. 27, 2011

    This dude quickly runs through stereotypes about all 50 states. The great thing about America is there's always at least one state that is worse than yours. Unless you're Mississippi.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2011

    This dude starts revving his engine before the green light and ends up taking off early and crashing into the starting light.