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  • Posted by bigmny  / Mar. 25, 2011

    "And until you stop peeing the bed, every night, you're going to dress up like a frontiersman and perform this song with your 80 brothers and sisters in front of thousands of people! And you're going to do it with soul!"

  • Posted by usukit  / Mar. 25, 2011

    A lake creates a perfect mirror image of the mountains and sky, and it's captured on camera by this guy only to have girlfriend hop in the frame. Jeez, women. Anywhere there's a mirror, am I right?

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Mar. 26, 2011

    Apparently being seen hanging around Fat Ho's is way more acceptable in Waco, Tx, than in most parts of the country.

  • Posted by coastercrackhead  / Mar. 27, 2011

    I am now fully prepared to state that India's traffic is the worst in the world. The Wall of Death has actually been around forever, but in the past only motorcycles rode the wall.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Mar. 27, 2011

    This is an accident called cobbling. In steel factories, the rule of thumb is "Avoid workplace accidents, but if you're going to have one, make sure it's awesome."

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Mar. 28, 2011

    This is a device that scoops up mustard, ketchup, and mayo spills. Brilliant. The Japanese are also already working on a robot that creates the spills so that humans don't have to.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 28, 2011

    Mom and Dad ground this dude from the internet for two weeks and he flips out that he can't tell his guild nor get his epic new crossbow.

  • Posted by Outrageous_One  / Mar. 28, 2011

    First rule of lockup: pick a fight with the biggest guy you can find and then make him think you're crazy.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Mar. 29, 2011

    Two base jumpers fly within 20 feet of their friends while speeding down the side of a mountain at nearly 120 mph.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Mar. 29, 2011

    Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but this appears to be an animated discussion of the benefits and consequences of an interventionist foreign policy... and socks.

  • Posted by bigbadjewdodaddy  / Mar. 29, 2011

    A whole village turns out to help a guy lift his truck, but they send it sailing to its destruction. You know he sarcastically thanked each and every guy there for their help, afterwards.

  • Posted by bigbadjewdodaddy  / Mar. 29, 2011

    The only explanation I can come up with for this is that you reach a certain age and you start looking for ways to die.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 29, 2011

    Lets face it, you're a sucker if you spent 12 dollars looking at hot girls you could've just seen here for free. Here are 20 Pictures Of The 'Sucker Punch' Babes. Enjoy!

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Mar. 29, 2011

    The cop tells her to start the alphabet at 'D' and end with 'W'. When she failed to make it he added an 'I'.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Mar. 30, 2011

    Little skater gets taken out by someone four times his size but doesn't hesitate in getting up, grabbing his board, and skating again.

  • Posted by Avon_Barksdale  / Mar. 30, 2011

    This guy popped a champagne cork into his unsuspecting friend's nuts. Now that the champagne is open, they can drink to the end of their friendship and toast the friend's inability to procreate.