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  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Jun. 10, 2011

    As crazy as the story is about this guy, my favorite part is those loving words he has for his wife.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Jun. 10, 2011

    This one looks like the most painful faceplant I have seen all week. Dude attempts a backflip off a ramp and comes down hard on the top of the ramp.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 10, 2011

    Summer has come early in one massive heat wave. Sure it's bad for us, but what about our dogs? Here's a little glimpse of what our furry friends have to endure to stay cool.

  • Posted by Videokie  / Jun. 11, 2011

    This is an elaborate bit of street art, created by Erik Johansson in Sweden. It's designed to make it look like you're on the edge of falling into the middle of nowhere. Or Sweden.

  • Posted by biggiesmallz  / Jun. 13, 2011

    A lioness tries desperately to get to a nearby baby. Normally, she has a baby for breakfast, a baby for lunch, and then a sensible dinner, but these mid-day cravings are just too much for her!

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jun. 13, 2011

    This poor dog takes a whiff of his owner's arm pit and its lights out. The dude even picks the dog up at the end of the clip and can't revive the poor fella.

  • Posted by therockbottom  / Jun. 13, 2011

    Attempting to transport a large hot tub, a crane crashes through the roof of a home. Looks like the contractors are going to be the first ones to be in... *puts on shades* water.

    *Takes off shades, embarrassed*

  • Posted by smellthis  / Jun. 13, 2011

    These guys clearly opted not to go through years of training. Looking crazy can be just as effective a deterrent as a black belt.

  • Posted by Ricky-Martinez-764  / Jun. 14, 2011

    This kid fails at smashing a watermelon with his head on the first try but his second attempt is a winner not only breaking the watermelon but also his nose.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jun. 14, 2011

    This little dude has trouble getting on top of his trampoline so he leans a slide against it to run up. Still not working out so well for him.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jun. 14, 2011

    Gymnast loses his grip on the high bar and flips out of control in the air before landing on his head.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jun. 14, 2011

    The Pacific Marine Mammal Center released two seal pups at Laguna Beach on Saturday after they were rescued and rehabbed. Excited to get back to the ocean the couple kissed on the beach before hitting the waves.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 14, 2011

    Aside from Hot Babe Car Washes, girls running are one of the biggest causes of fender benders. And on that note, here are 21 Gorgeous Girls running that wont make your insurance skyrocket.

  • Posted by bigmny  / Jun. 14, 2011

    This reporter tries to tell the Dalai Lama a joke and fails miserably. The Dalai Lama later reassured him that anyone who died delivering a joke would be reincarnated as a description writer for Break.

  • Posted by TangerineTaco  / Jun. 14, 2011

    They're having a difficult enough time figuring out the webcam. Just wait until they try to send the birthday cake as an attachment.