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  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 15, 2011

    Kate Upton was made for slow motion. And slow motion was made for Kate Upton.

    News Update June 20, 2013: TMZ has found a new video of Kate Upton on a horse. This video would not be news worthy were she not also completely topless. The censored version of the video has burned its way across the internet but the uncensored pictures are still lurking offline.

    News Update April 9, 2012: Kate Upton continues her assault on an unsexiness by turning Easter into a sexy holiday. The super model appeared in lingerie and a set of bunny ears in an ad for Love magazine. Who knew the Easter bunny could be sexy?

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 15, 2011

    On Fox 5 News yesterday some dude in a water-powered jet pack mistakenly hits the kill switch just as he jumps off the dock to start the show.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 15, 2011

    A couple of dogs sneak up on a school of sharks and one of them bites the tale of a shark and gets taken for a ride.

  • Posted by thedestroyer  / Jul. 15, 2011

    Just when you thought dubstep music couldn't get any more annoying, this kid uses the wonders of technology to add another layer of WTF to it. This guy needs to hook up with this girl.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 15, 2011

    Ever since Kate Upton was in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year we have had our eye on her. If you think she looks good in this clip check out the post we have coming up on Sunday.

  • Posted by mxwrestler  / Jul. 16, 2011

    The is an awesome planking fail that brings an oven down on the planker, proving "planking is dangerous." Future topics: "planking is stupid" and "planking is for adults trying to recapture their lost youth."

  • Posted by biggiesmallz  / Jul. 16, 2011

    Latin rapper MC Silvinho picks a girl up over his head and ends up crashing to the ground. Really, that move should only be attempted backstage, after the show, under the supervision of professionals.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jul. 18, 2011

    The real name for this sport is 'Sepak? Takraw' but I figured Kung Fu Volleyball made more sense. Anyway, check out the insane skills these guys show while playing volleyball with just their feet.

  • Posted by bigmny  / Jul. 18, 2011

    This is probably one of the most spectacular parking jobs you'll ever see. Great way to avoid the valet, but now he's going to have to walk all the way across the parking lot.

  • Posted by bignblk  / Jul. 18, 2011

    In this country, when crossing the street, you make sure to look both ways so that you get a good look at the scooter that's going to kill you. This dude appears to pass through traffic unscathed and apparently unseen!

  • Posted by usukit  / Jul. 18, 2011

    This is footage of an almost-thwarted robbery from Altadena, CA.When your guard dog is a chihuahua, it sucks that you lose all your money, but, the lulz are forever and priceless.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jul. 18, 2011

    That guy was probably laying on the ground at the end and thinking 'You know what man, your right. Five against one really wasn't that cool.'

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jul. 19, 2011

    Chad Reed goes airborne after losing control on a jump and getting ejected off his bike at the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship over the weekend.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 19, 2011

    Rupert Murdoch was seated and answering questions before a Parliament committee on the recent phone hacking scandal when an unidentified man attacks him with a shaving foam pie in the face.

  • Posted by MmmHmmr  / Jul. 19, 2011

    So apparently, this was caused by a thunderstorm in Montreal. It is also apparent that Montreal is now using a new and very efficient hydraulics system.