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  • Posted by aberdean  / Aug. 27, 2011

    This dude gets sucked into proving he doesn't have the skills to make this jump.

  • Posted by Ryactive  / Aug. 27, 2011

    This is a recreation of the lightcycles sequence from Tron, made entirely from Duck Tape. If you can think of a better thing to do with duck tape, I'd like to hear it... in the comments, below. Also, we realize that it's actually "duct" tape, but duck tape is funnier to write and say. Has anyone ever actually repaired ducts with the tape designed for such a purpose? No, no one has ever done that. You use duct tape to repair wallets and make stop motion movies and such.

  • Posted by mizzanimal  / Aug. 27, 2011

    The first question you have when you see this is "What's that dog doing in that van?" Then the answer is obvious: chillin'.

  • Posted by willbyrne77  / Aug. 28, 2011

    Instead of using a rain dance to bring rain, these guys look like they're trying to use it to scare Hurricane Irene away. Clearly, they're used to scaring girls away with their dance moves.

  • Posted by stupidvidiom  / Aug. 28, 2011

    This Irish beauty pageant contestant just spazzes out to Party Rock. When they asked her what her talent was, she probably should've just left that line blank.

  • Posted by phenomstylez  / Aug. 28, 2011

    Warning: This footage is awesome. Rob Spence has replaced his eye with a wireless camera that records video. I bet now he has to make every date sign a release before coming up for coffee.

  • Posted by James-Ortiz-921  / Aug. 29, 2011

    Yes, this trampoline knocked this guy's tooth out, but I think we can agree it was acting in self-defense. (Did he seriously say "Oh, Snapple!"?)

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 29, 2011

    The undefeated lightweight MMA fighter discusses his competitive nature and the unique challenges he's faced as a congenital amputee. Nick Newell returns to the cage at Shark Fights 19, September 10th in Independence, Missouri. Visit for updates on Nick's life and career!

  • Posted by stupidvidiom  / Aug. 29, 2011

    A lot of people think cats are impossible to train, but the truth is you just have to know how to teach them a lesson. Observe.

  • Posted by aberdean  / Aug. 30, 2011

    If you watch no other video this week you got to at least check out Jeb Corliss's insane flyby he makes roughly 90 seconds into this clip.

  • Posted by aberdean  / Aug. 30, 2011

    If this dude would have even sneezed he would of been killed by a train which probably makes him the dumbest kid on the planet.

  • Posted by dewman15  / Aug. 30, 2011

    It's this guy's first time to try a wheelie, and he eats serious concrete. It may be the last thing he eats for a while, based on the way this faceplant looks.

  • Posted by biggiesmallz  / Aug. 30, 2011

    This girl's reaction to a scary image on her computer, captured on live webcam, is an instant classic. Judging from the scream, you'd think someone had just shown her Justin Bieber's new haircut. You can find the comic here. If you manage to catch a great reaction to it, upload it to Break.

  • Posted by scrfce  / Aug. 30, 2011

    This girl attempts to use a giant walking ball, but can't seem to get up enough momentum to make it to the second step. A hamster could've done this with no problem... as long as it wasn't a blonde, too.

  • Posted by smellthis  / Aug. 30, 2011

    This is like the Hurt Locker for campers. By exploding the beans in a safe place, they prevented much more dangerous explosions in their tents.