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  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 26, 2011

    This guy films himself losing control of his Volvo and slamming into a ditch while traveling at 70mph on the highway.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 27, 2011

    Some pretty impressive moves from this spider were not enough to pull out the win.

  • Posted by mxwrestler  / Apr. 27, 2011

    This old woman tries to dance up on a rapper and ends up on the ground. Someone should check to see whether Twitter is down-- I think I just spotted the fail whale.

  • Posted by knives55  / Apr. 27, 2011

    You can imagine our surprise that something as smart as leapfrogging a trash can could go wrong. Dude, you might as well deposit your junk in the trashcan now. It's useless.

  • Posted by Videokie  / Apr. 27, 2011

    This massive twister was captured on cell phone, tearing its way through Tuscaloosa, Al. This footage is amazing, and here's hoping that the residents of Tuscaloosa stayed safe during the storm.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 28, 2011

    Remember the old saying, 'Find a penny pick it up, then all day you'll have good luck'? Well, I guess that doesn't work anymore.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 28, 2011

    This dude holds his ground while a moose charges at him full speed.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 28, 2011

    This cat delivers a rapid-fire series of kicks to its own head.

    "Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?" "I DON'T KNOW!"

  • Posted by Tselooo  / Apr. 29, 2011

    Don't laugh at the dog. It's really hard to walk in heels.

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  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 29, 2011

    You would think if you get this terrified of elephants you wouldn't take a ride on a friggin' elephant.

  • Posted by Luis-Gamez-185  / Apr. 30, 2011

    This guy broke a couple ribs sliding down a rail in Vegas. Man, every idea you come up with in Vegas starts off sounding good but ends up being painful with you whimpering on the floor.