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  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 12, 2010

    This dude learns the difference between friends that say 'Jump off wall and will catch you' and those that just say 'Jump off the wall'.

  • Posted by Kingsurpreme  / Oct. 13, 2010

    This girl almost knocks herself out during her beauty secrets video blog. Beauty secret #1: Go out of your way to convince people you're a dumb blonde.

  • Posted by buckwebber  / Oct. 13, 2010

    Much like the apartment building whose sign this guy attempts to leap, there is a large vacancy inside this guy's head.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 14, 2010

    I'm sure this guy really liked his motorcycle but you would think he might be just a little bit happy he is not dead.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 14, 2010

    This dude not only fails at breaking through a two boards but he breaks his buddies nose trying.

  • Posted by Chalups  / Oct. 14, 2010

    This Opie and Anthony intern, Stevie, is really looking forward to becoming a fully-employed member of the staff. Buying a new pair of underwear each day is getting expensive for him.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 14, 2010

    At a sports event, not every fail is by the actual players in the game. Sometimes it's the eye-candy that make mistakes. And I'm not talking about the peanut vendors. Check out these 20 examples of Ridiculous Cheerleading Fails

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 14, 2010

    These are the results of the countless hours Breaks laboratory has put into scientifically figuring out which are the hottest and sexiest babes in costume this year. And guess who gets to enjoy the fruits of our labor? You!!

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 14, 2010

    Sometimes the best Halloween costumes can be shared with a friend. Or a few friends. Or a few strangers, depending on how you roll. In this gallery we salute the 10 Most Awesome Group Costumes of 2010!

  • Posted by booyah85  / Oct. 14, 2010

    Finnish news anchor Kimmo Wilska was fired after drinking a beer on the air following a news story about a crackdown on illegal liquor sales. He'll be looking for work soon but looking for a bar even sooner.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 14, 2010

    Most costumes are horribly cliche. Other's are wonderfully creative. But nothing will jump start your Halloween quite like some of these absolutely terrifying costumes. Enjoy!

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 14, 2010

    This lion can't stand to hear this little kid singing that he gets up walks across the park and slams his head against the glass cage just to make her stop.

  • Posted by HURLEX  / Oct. 15, 2010

    Thanks to a prank double-cross, an attempted headshot is converted to a nutshot as one member of this trio quickly learns that he's the unnecessary one in the group.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 15, 2010

    This dude throws dough across the restaurant without bothering to look up. He did the exact same thing- but with plates- when they turned down his request for a raise.

  • Posted by mellifluent  / Oct. 16, 2010

    The first thing you should know is that she came to church to get cured of this dancing, and the whole congregation is praying for her.

  • Posted by w00st3r  / Oct. 17, 2010

    I would say that I'm surprised to see this girl faceplant into a post during her hammer throw, but anytime you get a girl anywhere near a hammer, things are bound to go wrong.

  • Posted by phenomstylez  / Oct. 17, 2010

    This guy slammed his car through the DMV after passing his driving test. You can't blame him for not wanting to wait in line to get his license.

  • Posted by NastyTheHorse  / Oct. 17, 2010

    There really should be a Nobel prize for eliminating your reproductive potential for the good of all mankind.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 18, 2010

    A Muay Thai instructor builds himself up with personal compliments for nearly a minute than fails at breaking a piece of wood three times and gives up.