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  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 7, 2010

    This guy sucks at riding his scooter but I am impressed by the vanishing act he does after the backplant.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Oct. 7, 2010

    This New Zealand morning show anchor cracks up at the Chief Minister of Deli, India's last name, "Dikshit." His co-anchor, though, looks like she's pretty sure they're going to be in deep Dikshit.

  • Posted by batista571  / Oct. 7, 2010

    This woman gets flipped by a speeding car and, amazingly, receives only minor injuries. They still called 911 afterward because they had to tell someone about that awesome flip.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 7, 2010

    It's rare to see someone wipeout at this speed without the cameraman filming the ground or sky for at least 3 seconds during the crash.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 8, 2010

    The bartender was on a roll until the bottle slips out of his hand and takes out the cameraman.

  • Posted by zafari2001  / Oct. 8, 2010

    These garbage men appear to have had a drink or two before heading out. Drinking on the job can be very dangerous if you don't drink enough to forget you're a garbage man in Russia.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 8, 2010

    TV host, Cat Deely, proves that sometimes it's better to stick to the cue cards and not ad lib.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 9, 2010

    Break Gallery Grope Edition! Andy Dick's Church, Ninja Turtles and their dads reunite, Katy Perry has yellow fever and loads more. Enjoy!

  • Posted by zydeco  / Oct. 10, 2010

    We're trying to get our soldiers out of Afghanistan. It's just going to take a little more work to get some of them.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 11, 2010

    This mechanic should be very happy his buddy came in to talk with him when he did.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 11, 2010

    This kid messes with his local news channel by hacking into the teleprompter feed and changing the news text.

  • Posted by tical9  / Oct. 11, 2010

    These soldiers launch an anti-tank rocket all of five feet. You know you're in trouble in Afghanistan when even the goats are unimpressed.

  • Posted by DanielSamaan  / Oct. 12, 2010

    This trainer appears to be having a difficult time mounting an elephant. The secret is to turn off the lights and pretend it's a fox.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 12, 2010

    This dude sets up his buddy to hold a watermelon then flings a card and strikes his friend in the eye.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 12, 2010

    Not sure what was more painful for this guy landing head first or listening to that chick scream as he fell.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Oct. 12, 2010

    A DC Police car responds to an emergency call and decides to cut across a closed Transformer 3 set to save time. The officer manages to dodge out of the way of Optimus Prime but gets sideswiped by Bumblebee and is taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 12, 2010

    Fall is the time of year when everyone gets sick...but how bad can it be when nurses are there to take care of you? Here's 25 ridiculously hot nurses for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!