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  • Posted by shandonblibrey  / Oct. 1, 2010

    When he got home, his parents lectured him, 'If your friends jumped off a ledge, over-rotated, and completely failed the landing with a cartoon-style faceplant, would you?'

  • Posted by mizzanimal  / Oct. 1, 2010

    Every once in a while, a song comes along that bundles the hopes, dreams, desires, and frustrations of a generation. This generation's song is Girl Directions. Why can't they ever just give you the address?


  • Posted by mxwrestler  / Oct. 2, 2010

    This is really a tale of two people. The guy willing to go out and perform an amazing rope swing stunt and his friend who is too lazy to get his foot out of the frame.

  • Posted by thedestroyer  / Oct. 2, 2010

    It seems ridiculous that he's not wearing a seatbelt, but union rules state that not only does he not have to wear a seatbelt, but that an awesome dismount from his truck also results in bonus pay.

  • Posted by Videokie  / Oct. 3, 2010

    I think you've got to give the guy who owned this girl with the dodgeball a break. I mean, the exact same thing happens to him whenever the teacher asks him a question in math class.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / Oct. 4, 2010

    Crafting a kazoo out of her cleavage and a straw? There's nothing this girl can't do with her ta-tas. I hear the Swiss government is hard at work developing their own pair for their army.

    Of course, it’s about much more than sheer size. It’s also shape, firmness and how well they fit the woman’s body. It also doesn’t hurt if she’s good at flaunting ’em. Enjoy some celebrity breasts at MadeMan.

  • Posted by bigmny  / Oct. 4, 2010

    This is the depressing sequel to Mr. Holland's Opus, "Mr. Holland's Hopeless." It was single-handedly responsible for school districts' slashing budgets for music education.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 4, 2010

    These guys push their buddy 360 degrees on a swing till he loses his grip and goes flying over twenty feet.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Oct. 5, 2010

    Attempting to avoid a traumatizing experience for his kids this Dad starts singing 'Lalalala' while the lions attack the trainers. I am sure his kids will forget the whole thing now.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 5, 2010

    Girls love to torture themselves. They also love attention, which is why they wear horribly tight dresses for our viewing pleasure. Here are 20 babes in Uncomfortably Tight dresses. Enjoy!

  • Posted by lordgaga  / Oct. 5, 2010

    A guy gathers a herd of cattle by playing the accordion near a pasture. Honestly, given the quality of the music and the large gathering of cows, I thought this was a promotional video for this year's Lilith Fair!

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 5, 2010

    A soccer player goes to tap a female FIFA referee on the shoulder but she steps backwards when he isn't looking and he gets a free upgrade. The reactions are great. Soccer players may be a bunch of flopping fancy boys but this is a pretty forward move for any man.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 6, 2010

    Got to love this guys luck. With all the area around the merry go round he flies off and hits the motorcycle.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Oct. 6, 2010

    Awesome footage from professional base-jumper Jeb Corliss highlighting some of his best jumps over the last year.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Oct. 6, 2010

    When some rude elevator passengers allow the elevator doors to close on this guy on a motorized scooter, he rams his way through the doors. He lucked out, he landed on P1, and there was a handicapped spot open.