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  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Nov. 12, 2010

    Amazing that this ship's captain manages to safely bring his sailboat into dock while pounded by gigantic waves.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Nov. 12, 2010

    Although the passenger sounds like he is in a lot of pain everyone involved in this collision was lucky to walk away with only bumps and bruises.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Nov. 12, 2010

    During the half time show of a college football game two chicks decide to streak straight through the middle of the football field on a dare from their friends.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Nov. 12, 2010

    Attaching the safety rope seemed like a good idea up until it pulled this dude off his kite while 50ft in the air.

  • Posted by HURLEX  / Nov. 12, 2010

    When your sexy girlfriend video tapes her pranking you, there are many responses to take. From “you slutty little girl, I’m going to get you back”. To simply rolling up in the fetal position, crying, and screaming “please love me!” Of course the only good way is to keep your cool as the man in this video does. Accept what has happened, threaten retribution, and look on the bright side. If you have a sexy girlfriend like this girl, that shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Posted by zeppo  / Nov. 13, 2010

    This short kickboxing sequence seems to include everything but the kitchen sink. It appears, though, that you can use a kitchen sink as long as you find it in the crowd.

  • Posted by mullen99  / Nov. 14, 2010

    This biker picks up his bike, hops over one hurdle, and racks himself on the second one. That's one obstacle to his manhood. The other was his willingness to put on biker shorts.

  • Posted by HURLEX  / Nov. 14, 2010

    A guy waits for his friend to walk through the door and flattens him with a punch, wearing his Hulk hands. Hulk hands = prank. No Hulk hands = assault and battery.

  • Posted by Proceoj  / Nov. 15, 2010

    This dude just wanted to get everyone's attention on his wedding entrance and if that was his goal maybe this is a win after all.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Nov. 15, 2010

    This big dude attempts to jump over a pipe bollard and gets his shorts stuck on the top of the pipe.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Nov. 15, 2010

    You might hear people talk about how fast the real estate boom is taking off in China but I bet you never thought it could move this fast. A Chinese construction company builds a 15 story energy efficient hotel in under a week.

  • Posted by bigband  / Nov. 16, 2010

    This dude gets help from three buddies to help him attempt a backflip and still manages to end in a double faceplant.

  • Posted by bigband  / Nov. 16, 2010

    This weightlifter nosedives after pressing an enormous amount of weight. It looks like he's ok. We were so close to losing one of the world's most important minds.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 16, 2010

    If you're going to be a British model, you might as well have huge tata's and a beautiful face like Rosie Jones. She recently starred in the 'Old Spice' commercial parody, and we see big things for her on the horizon. Enjoy!

  • Posted by Chalups  / Nov. 16, 2010

    What looks like twenty go-karts smash into each other on a tight curve. If this had been an actual car race, there'd have been thousands of people cheering the crash instead of one loner with a video camera.

  • Posted by bigband  / Nov. 17, 2010

    This kid attempts to jump over a 1200lb bale of hay rolling towards him and fails.

  • Posted by bigband  / Nov. 17, 2010

    You can't tell that its a female driver pulling into this parking spot until she takes out the building door and crashes into the other parked cars.

  • Posted by HURLEX  / Nov. 18, 2010

    Two friends hide, waiting for their buddy to come to his car so they can deliver an awesome exercise ball headshot. The worst part is that even after he recovers, he still has to be seen in that car.

  • Posted by bigband  / Nov. 18, 2010

    Awesome clip of Ferrari's F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa riding the world's fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. They claim this thing goes from 0-150mph in 4.8 seconds!