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  • Posted by PiMPNXP  / Nov. 17, 2009

    I would say at least half the guys that try to jump on a pogo stick end up taking a massive hit to the nuts and for those that are successful, grats your bouncing on a stick.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 18, 2009

    This couple packs everything they own onto the family car and avoids paying $100 to rent a truck as they move across town.

  • Posted by scottholden  / Nov. 18, 2009

    Our latest costume contest missed this late entry, but the video shows it was easily one of the best and nerdiest costumes of 2009.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 18, 2009

    Break Gallery 346! Spider-Man as a soldier, shadow fishnet stockings, a Boston Terrier in a nativity scene and more. Enjoy!

  • Posted by elfinvasion  / Nov. 19, 2009

    It's not a flash mob of giant elves; there are just a lot of normal-sized ones. And if that's still confusing, you can go elf yourself.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    When this college journalism student sat down to do the news, he had no idea of the thunder he'd unleash with his catchphrase, 'Boom Goes The Dynamite.' Someone get this kid an Espy... and a new pair of underpants.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    Sick and tired of never find the ninjavideo you're looking for? Me too. That's why I've provided the only ninja movie you will ever need. He's got an afro, nunchucks, and a willingness to kill. Afro ninja is the ultimate fighting machine. Were it not for his unfortunate habit of knocking himself out he would be unmatched. He knows karate and his kung-fu is so strong he can't even defend himself against...himself. The world's most dangerous ninja featured in the world's best ninjavideo.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    OK Go Treadmill video: This is the music video that supercharged OK Go's career and helped solidify our new viral video culture. When OK Go posted this video online, it caused an instant sensation and everyone you know began sending the video to everyone else you know. The video is for OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" and this is #4 on the list of top 50 YouTube videos from Time Magazine.

  • Posted by holytaco  / Nov. 20, 2009

    So proud of itself for successfully merging with MBNA, Bank of America takes one of the most beautiful U2 songs and changes the lyrics so it's about credit cards (BOA One Bank Song). And it's maybe meant to be a joke, but the singer takes himself so seriously, that the joke falls flat. Thanks to Universal Music Group, the copyright owner of the song, for issuing a cease and desist letter directed at Bank of America.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    It took Howard Dean a whole year of campaigning before people began to take him seriously. Then he screamed, perfecting the Epic Fail.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    Keyboard Cat: Keyboard Cat actually predates the World Wide Web. This video of a Cool Cat playing a keyboard was created in the early 1980's, but it would take the emergence of the Internet to turn Cool Cat into Keyboard Cat. Keyboard Cat became a harbinger of fail, and whenever you would see him in an internet video, you'd know that something bad and/or hilarious was going to happen. When things went wrong, Keyboard Cat was there to "play them off." It is #8 on the list of Top 50 YouTube Videos from Time Magazine.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    Two guys in lab coats, surrounded by tons of Diet Coke and Mentos orchestrate one of the coolest scientific demonstrations ever. I didn't learn anything other than Diet Coke and Mentos are cool.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 20, 2009

    Break Gallery 347! Spider-Man gets arrested, a cat throws a bubble hadouken, a lion kisses a woman and more. Enjoy!

  • Posted by SPECIALOPERATION  / Nov. 20, 2009

    This shotgun should be on every redneck's Christmas list this year.

    More related content from MadeMan: How to Win A Gunfight - "If there’s something we know well, it’s gun play. We often rob a bank during our lunch hour just so we can get into a gun battle with the authorities. Straight up Dillinger-style.  Okay, so maybe our battlefield experience is limited to Nerf bullets and rubber bands, but losing is still not an option."

  • Posted by thedestroyer  / Nov. 21, 2009

    The runner-up in Brazil's Miss Gay competition steals the winner's crown and wig, proving that Hell hath no fury like a man-dressed-as-a-woman scorn.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Nov. 21, 2009

    Fans ruined a little girl's beautiful moment at a Mighty Ducks game when they started brawling over a hockey stick. In their defense, no one expects hockey fans to last five minutes without seeing a fight.