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  • Posted by SPECIALOPERATION  / May. 12, 2009

    A kid captures a husband and wife crashing their personal helicopter in Tacoma, Washington over the weekend. Fortunately, both survived the accident with only minor injuries.

  • Posted by Jwilly019  / May. 12, 2009

    It's the quickest jump in weight class ever: he goes from featherweight to dead weight in sixteen seconds.

  • Posted by  / May. 13, 2009

    This dude rebuilds an old scooter and learns just before he slams into a tree that the brakes need a little bit more work.

  • Posted by FailStop  / May. 13, 2009

    Five firefighters were injured after being called in to check a possible natural gas leak at a shopping mall shortly before the gas ignited.

  • Posted by dan230868  / May. 14, 2009

    Now here's a scary jump fail. This dude attempts a bungee jump over a lake and learns that they used the wrong bungee line the hard way.

    More related content from MadeMan: Basic Diving Techniques - "Before you can leap head first into the water, you need to learn basic diving techniques. Basic diving techniques will help prevent injury and help you execute a dive with good form."

  • Posted by yeet  / May. 14, 2009

    A Los Angeles high-speed car chase ends after the suspect fled his vehicle and got cornered. Goodbye, Long Arm of the Law, and hello Steel-Toed Boot.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / May. 14, 2009

    Nice trick shooting, Tex. The shotgun was a nice touch, too. Since this video was published, the Dude Perfect guys became a little bit of an internet sensation, starting off a long-running trend of trick shot videos. The phenomenon even bled into other sports, ranging from soccer to football to even baseball tricks, probably. They even landed on some early morning talk shows to show off their shooting skills. Now they're farm celebrities.

  • Posted by  / May. 15, 2009

    A new employee can't figure out how to open the back gate of a semi and finally breaks the lock releasing hundreds of boxes on top of him.

  • Posted by FunnyGuyLol  / May. 15, 2009

    These baby pigs are so adorable during nap time that you just want to eat them up. And, when they become bacon someday, you will.

  • Posted by Chalups  / May. 15, 2009

    Jeff Ament was robbed outside of an Atlanta recording studio; attackers made off with thousands of dollars in cash and even more in memorabilia stolen from his car.

  • Posted by BaratsAndBereta  / May. 15, 2009

    When you go out drinking this weekend, beware of the guy who orders the 'Game Time' shot.

  • Posted by ajc7099  / May. 17, 2009

    In honor of the earthquakes in Los Angeles tonight, here's an example of some serious shaking. This chick's hips are made of jello on springs.

    This belly dance girl knows what she is doing. Seriously, though. That is some scary hip action she's got going. How is that skirt hanging on? It's magic.

  • Posted by trompette  / May. 18, 2009

    A surveillance camera catches a thief reaching for a gun out of his pocket and accidentally shooting himself in the nuts while trying to rob a closed business.