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  • Posted by tyvick23  / Mar. 24, 2009

    A friendly boxing match in a college dorm leads to an unexpected KO that this guy will have to sleep off for the rest of the day.

  • Posted by nanerbuster89  / Mar. 24, 2009

    A smart guy figured out a way to jam a door with a few duct-taped rolls of pennies. Extra points (and cash) to anyone who sends in videos using this prank.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / Mar. 24, 2009

    A festival named dashuhua commemorates Chinese farmers who were too poor to afford fireworks for a festival and used molten lead instead. The results are blazing and amazing.

  • Posted by BobZamuda  / Mar. 24, 2009

    What's the best way to end your career as a trucker? Leave your dumptruck body up as you go underneath a freeway. The impact with the overpass sounds like an explosion.

  • Posted by twindragon  / Mar. 24, 2009

    Universal fact: local television commercials are awesome, terrible, or some combination of the two. This commercial is definitely just awesome, and it might make you think twice about your home security options.

    Give a salute to badass females with guns at ScreenJunkies.

  • Posted by ksaqib  / Mar. 24, 2009

    Here's one of the strangest robberies we've seen. A gunman walks into an ATM room, calmly brandishes his silenced pistol at a guy taking out cash, robs him, and just walks away.

  • Posted by BigDave160  / Mar. 24, 2009

    The right amplifier and subwoofer can make just about any music sound incredibly moving, and sometimes even hair-raising.

  • Posted by aex  / Mar. 25, 2009

    The Broward County, Florida court system has a new action hero in this judge, who flies off of his bench when a criminal starts to become violent. Somebody needs to make an action movie based on this guy.

  • Posted by EddieAdams  / Mar. 25, 2009

    Bree Olsen, well-known pron star, obviously did not like being followed after an interview, and shows her displeasure by freaking out and trying to rip the camera out of this guy's hands. I'm not sure where she was going, but it must have been a shock to have someone try to take her picture while her clothes were actually on.

  • Posted by babyskullsmasher  / Mar. 25, 2009

    Just because the octagon is formed with tape doesn't mean you won't see a good knockout. This kid gets practically knocked out of his shoes and he's down for the count.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 25, 2009

    Break Gallery 279 is everything you've come to expect from a Break Gallery: it's a boat-load of awesome pics from all over the web. Enjoy!

  • Posted by carrigana  / Mar. 26, 2009

    If you mix the movie Old School with the printer destruction scene from Office Space, you might get something like this guy going insane on his computer. Beware: strong language

  • Posted by carver55  / Mar. 26, 2009

    A dumb blonde chick gets skewered by Judge Judy after she pushes a friend into the pool and ruins her iPhone. She does give an excellent definition of rocket science though; she'll be attending MIT in the fall.

  • Posted by hotcrossedbuns  / Mar. 26, 2009

    Our prank contest is heating up with one of the best scare pranks I've seen in a long time. Jumping out of the shower: simple and hilarious.

  • Posted by MalibuBayFilms  / Mar. 26, 2009

    A Lamborghini Diablo probably can go from 0 to 60 MPH in about 3.6 seconds. This guy makes sure it doesn't move anywhere in that amount of time. Pretty amazing.

  • Posted by Trentidy  / Mar. 27, 2009

    Fifty crickets, a couple stacks of pennies, and an exercise ball are all you need for a quality prank like this.

  • Posted by thisweekinbreak  / Mar. 27, 2009

    Start your busy Friday off right by watching this hot chick talking about funny, stupid videos. We're saving you time by putting everything you want in one video. You're welcome.

  • Posted by mizznike  / Mar. 27, 2009

    Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats had a tough run in with police after an officer stopped him for running a red light as he rushed his dying mother-in-law to the hospital.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 27, 2009

    Break Gallery 280 is guaranteed to entertain you in the same way that looking at a collection of hilarous pictures would. In fact, that will be exactly what you're doing, and it won't disappoint. Enjoy!

  • Posted by mullen99  / Mar. 28, 2009

    It's notoriously hard to bench press twice your body weight. As this guy finds out, it's much easier to just lift the bar.

  • Posted by epicfail  / Mar. 28, 2009

    A prom queen descending a staircase is a very memorable moment, and this girl will never forget hers after she falls on her face.

  • Posted by mrbueller  / Mar. 28, 2009

    In Brazil, protestors try to attack a biker, but he manages to diffuse the situation very quickly with the help of his little friend.