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  • Posted by therockbottom  / Jun. 5, 2009

    These guys had an axe or two to grind after being kicked out of a Polish night club; they came back to get the bouncer fired. These are not metaphors; these are literal statements.

  • Posted by eship1212  / Jun. 7, 2009

    We posted this one about 4 years ago but its been going around a lot lately with the recent plane crash. It's a F-16 fighter jet sucking a bird into its engine causing the pilot to eject.

  • Posted by sjcbucket  / Jun. 8, 2009

    Poison front man Bret Michaels was clotheslined at the 2009 Tony Awards by a set piece. The extent of his injuries are unknown at this time, but it has been reported that his wig went unharmed.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / Jun. 8, 2009

    This brilliant experiment confirms two things: remembering even the simplest trivia is hard in stressful situations, and watching a kid break down and scream like a girl is still hilarious.

  • Posted by Bigboyz99  / Jun. 9, 2009

    Brazilians are some really friendly people. About five guys decide to rob a bank and while struggling with the ATM about half the neighborhood jumped in to help out.

  • Posted by smithereenpsycho  / Jun. 9, 2009

    These guys fill a potato gun with gasoline and when they shoot it into the air the flames are so powerful they create a mushroom cloud.

  • Posted by carver55  / Jun. 9, 2009

    We love watching hot models walk, but we love watching them fall even more. Everyone knew this brunette hottie was going to make a big splash in the world of fashion someday. Either that or she's all washed up. Seriously, every fashion show model should eat a little bit more just in case something like this happens to them. Skinny people do not float well, and who knows how deep that little pond around the catwalk is? Too bad the summer line she was modeling didn't incorporate flotation devices of any kind. Watching catwalk models take a tumble seems to be more satisfying than a regular hot girl failing for a few reasons. One, fashion shows are somehow both vapid and pretentious, and it's always nice to see people like that get knocked down a peg or two. Two, most of the models are wearing ridiculous shoes, which make all of their tottering before the fall extra hilarious. But when you manage to incorporate a pool into the model

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Jun. 9, 2009

    This kid attempts a backflip off a playhouse and after smashing his face hard against the roof of it he admits he still might need a little practice.

  • Posted by Turducken  / Jun. 10, 2009

    This dude doesn't realize till the last second that the chain caught his back wheel and he is slammed hard into the concrete face first.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 10, 2009

    Break Gallery 301 Is Jam Packed With Nothing But Absolute Hilarity. Its Guaranteed To Cause Stomach Pains From Intense Laughter. Enjoy!

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Jun. 11, 2009

    Call it old-fashioned, but no man should ever hit a woman. Good thing the police intervened or they would've had to escort this guy out on a stretcher.

  • Posted by bigband  / Jun. 12, 2009

    A crazy squirrel detects an imposter and comes flying out of nowhere to take out the threat. Does the animal kingdom have a Green Beret unit? Because this guy would be the ideal recruit.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Jun. 12, 2009

    A player and coach get into a fight and demonstrate not only the most pathetic headbutt I have ever seen but also a sad acting job.