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  • Posted by mr_majestic  / Feb. 12, 2009

    If you are looking for mermaid videos that are cartoons, you've come to the wrong place. This is a terribly sad but interesting video about Shiloh Pepin who suffered from a rare condition called sirenomelia. Though Shiloh has now passed away, it is really interesting to learn about her courageous life. Sirenomelia causes a baby's legs to be fused together in the womb. It is rarely survivable without surgery. Shiloh lived an amazing ten years with the condition and made many mermaid videos to document her life.

  • Posted by Loodzwaar  / Feb. 12, 2009

    Rally car drivers have trouble avoiding accidents during nice weather. These photographers sit within inches of a snowy road and get clipped by a speeding rally car.

  • Posted by trench2k  / Feb. 12, 2009

    I wonder if skaters one day just say screw it these friggin rails suck and stop busting their arms and nuts on them.

  • Posted by bigband  / Feb. 13, 2009

    Four women walk into a computer parts store and look act as if they are simply browsing high end tech parts and still manage to steal a laptop 3 feet from the store owner.

  • Posted by johnmcginley111  / Feb. 13, 2009

    There are a lot of desperate guys looking for love on the internet, and Stuart Slann is one of the most unfortunate ones because he gets brutally pranked by a guy posing as a girl. Strong language.

  • Posted by SippinOE40s  / Feb. 13, 2009

    The owner of this lime green monstrosity loves driving high...up in the air. There's no other reason why anyone would spend money to lift their car with this ridiculous suspension set.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 13, 2009

    Break Gallery 268 is guaranteed to entertain you over the holiday weekend. Sit back, relax, and take your time. You've got an extra day to enjoy this one!

  • Posted by whipithard420  / Feb. 14, 2009

    This goofy kid chases his little brother at a playground and ends up running full speed into a slide knocking himself out cold.

  • Posted by djhooker  / Feb. 15, 2009

    A woman misses her flight at the Hong Kong airport and proceeds to throw the tantrum of a lifetime in the terminal. She must really like those little airline peanuts.

  • Posted by mat140988  / Feb. 16, 2009

    This Arab doesn't know how to brake and like all first time riders as he notices a wall approaching he slams the gas and hits it even harder.

  • Posted by nighthawk2289  / Feb. 17, 2009

    This frat guy needs some extra cash so he lets one dude punch him in the stomach for five bucks and another whack him in the face for another five.

  • Posted by mrbueller  / Feb. 17, 2009

    Andressa Soares is a Brazilian model who, for some reason, decides to show off her amazing booty dancing in front of some kids on a field trip. Among the boys of the class, this trip would forever be known as "The Absolute Best Day of Class Ever." Andressa is widely known in her native country of Brazil, and she has had to fight vicious rumors of silicone enhancement in her gluteus maximus, as well as the equally damaging accusations that she's only famous because of her butt. She'll always be accepted by us, though, unconditionally.

  • Posted by CrazyJays  / Feb. 17, 2009

    Problems arise when a male cheerleader tries to support his partner with one arm and drops her backward. It wouldn't have been too bad if he hadn't fallen on her afterward.

  • Posted by suprdago  / Feb. 17, 2009

    This kid saves the ball from going out of bounds and tosses up an underhand, behind the back, no look, three point, nothing but net swish.

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Feb. 17, 2009

    This pilot flies straight down towards the Atlantic Ocean at nearly the speed of sound and pulls up at the last split second skimming the surface of the water.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Feb. 18, 2009

    Got to give this dude some credit. He continues to abuse his body with the same failed stunt off his roof until he finally lands it.

  • Posted by djmovies  / Feb. 18, 2009

    Notice the twenty-something guys trying very hard not to laugh at this policeman as he trips over a railing and falls hard onto the dock.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 18, 2009

    Break Gallery 269 is absolutely, positively guaranteed to contain pictures! This gallery features tons of awesome pics from all over the intertubes, guaranteed to get you through the rest of your week. Enjoy!

  • Posted by NLCandyman  / Feb. 19, 2009

    This guy is having a rough day. First, he starts off trying to ride a wall and ends up dropping on a homeless dude's head then he does a 360 that clips his video camera smashing it into pieces.