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  • Posted by abouttotilt  / Feb. 2, 2009

    Here are the outtakes from all the eTrade baby commercials this year. I think these are even funnier than the actual commercials.

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Feb. 2, 2009

    Alright, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that this is fake. But seriously even though they show the boards split a bit he does manage to finish them off with his mind.

  • Posted by FawltyTowersSuck  / Feb. 2, 2009

    Corn starch doesn't quite follow the normal rules of Newtonian physics; if you disturb it with lots of little movements, like those of a speaker at a certain frequency, it makes some pretty weird and interesting shapes.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Feb. 2, 2009

    A motorcycle race goes very wrong when a car ahead of the racers swerves. One racer's bike gets destroyed, and he cartwheels through the air. Amazingly, he survived.

  • Posted by aranda1017  / Feb. 2, 2009

    The director of photography for Terminator: Salvation interrupts a scene and Christian Bale goes completely American Psycho on the guy. Unfortunately, no video was taken of the fight but this audio is friggin' hilarious.

  • Posted by gofortwo  / Feb. 3, 2009

    If you blinked you probably missed it but this year to save money Miller High Life had a few one second Super Bowl Commercials.

  • Posted by MikeDaTike  / Feb. 3, 2009

    This guy is on the phone with his girlfriend who just broke up with him, and just when he thought he hit rock bottom, his buddies drop a 20-pound block of ice on his head.

  • Posted by LunchTime22  / Feb. 3, 2009

    The TNT Landscaping company doesn't pay its employees much, but it's hard to argue that they don't offer a lot of job satisfaction with their explosive methods.

  • Posted by booba1234  / Feb. 3, 2009

    David After Dentist: Most of us dont regard trips to the dentist as sources of hilarity, but when Davids father picked up his son from the dentist and turned the video camera on, the entire world cracked up and fell in love with the little kid who looked buzzed out of his gourd. Within days, David After Dentist spawned a ton of parodies and mashups. David After Dentist is #3 on the list on the list of the Top 50 YouTube Videos from Time Magazine.

  • Posted by honeybearz  / Feb. 3, 2009

    Chinlone is a sport popular in Myanmar that's similar to soccer, but with cooler acrobatics and ball control. Only drawback: you don't get to scream, 'GOAL!'

  • Posted by TitsMcgee06  / Feb. 3, 2009

    It's sad but also amazing to see how this deer managed to jump between the bars of this gate. Luckily, the police were able to free it without harm.

  • Posted by PrinceHenryStout  / Feb. 4, 2009

    An 86-year old man hopped a curb in front of a Dollar Store and slammed through the main doors in Hallandale, Florida. He hit several shoppers, including an old woman, though they all miraculously survived without injury.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 4, 2009

    Break Gallery 265 is the largest Break Gallery ever posted, featuring buttloads of awesome pics from all over the web. There's some animal pics. There's some racecars. This gallery has everything. Enjoy!

  • Posted by steveciro  / Feb. 4, 2009

    Somewhere between an amateur physics experiment on leverage and a Three Stooges clip, you get this homemade video. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Posted by BSBOAT101  / Feb. 5, 2009

    These guys build the world's most powerful .44 cal nerf gun and take aim at their buddy who is somewhat annoyed in their interest in the stupid toy. After the shot he is even less a fan.

  • Posted by ThunderBlast  / Feb. 5, 2009

    After watching all three Fast and the Furious movies back-to-back, this guy decided to do a few laps in his Subaru. He is no Vin Diesel, that's for sure.

  • Posted by ianellis34  / Feb. 5, 2009

    Make sure not to karate chop the table too hard during your sake bombing or you'll end up like these kamikaze pilots. No banzai booze for them.

  • Posted by scrfce  / Feb. 5, 2009

    Now this is some is one of the saddest animal love stories ever. Either that or it's a hilarious outtake from the movie, Babe. Every male can sympathize with this poor porker. He definitely went wah-wah-wah, all the way home.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Feb. 6, 2009

    The owners of this arcade are surprised with the success of a new ride they recently added. It is supposed to simulate a ride in a space ship and has become a hit with women with lines for it usually out the door.

  • Posted by rickson34  / Feb. 6, 2009

    Sad duck crashes into a Jet engine. This is a cool demonstration on what happens to Jet Engines when a single duck is flown much like the bird strike that caused the Hudson River plane crash last month.

  • Posted by junot00  / Feb. 6, 2009

    Salesman Billy Mays didn't always scream about his products. He sometimes has a more subtle approach that is pretty funny. Some strong language.