Page 6 Archives for April 2009

  • Posted by UNUNITEDdotcom  / Apr. 29, 2009

    I like to think of myself as a pretty decent guy but on the same hand I do want to qualify for this tax cut.

  • Posted by dre8387  / Apr. 29, 2009

    This clip is almost three years old now but it's been submitted quite a bit lately and one of our favorite classic pranks.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 29, 2009

    Break Gallery 289 is packed full of awesome and hilarious pics from all over the web, and it's guaranteed to get you through til the weekend. Enjoy!

  • Posted by wtfworld  / Apr. 29, 2009

    Not only does your buddy have to get a tetanus shot, you get to brag to your friends about how you nailed him. Well done.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Apr. 30, 2009

    A news anchor calls the weather girl sleazy while on the air and she runs with it. Proving once again that if there's one thing Good Day LA is known for it's class.

  • Posted by philinthecircle  / Apr. 30, 2009

    Chuck Norris has to be violently rendered with paintballs. All other methods give the paint too much time to run off the canvas in fear of Chuck Norris.

  • Posted by mudbitch  / Apr. 30, 2009

    This dude fails riding a rail down a concrete staircase and lands face first on the sidewalk but I got to admit got up with a pretty quick recovery.