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  • Posted by kamspsjaak  / Apr. 4, 2009

    On the upside, this kid gets a solid three seconds of hang time. On the downside, he's going to eat through a tube for the rest of his life.

  • Posted by Brando03201  / Apr. 5, 2009

    In this excellently executed prank, our hero throws a dummy laptop out of the fourth floor window. The poor victim has nothing to say but an escalating series of, 'Are you kidding me's?', until the entire room collapses into laughter.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Apr. 6, 2009

    Sunbathing can be a dangerous activity, as shown in this great video. This sunbathing chick has no idea that a home run ball is headed directly for her favorite tanning spot until a heroic fan shows up. He not only makes a great catch but I'm sure won the smoking hot girl's affections. What a great way to get laid. It's almost like he set it up with the batter to aim directly for the tan beauty. Let's take a closer look at this sunbathing video.

  • Posted by chavelin  / Apr. 6, 2009

    These kids are boxing in a basement and one of them does a full spin punch that lands perfectly knocking his buddy out cold.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Apr. 6, 2009

    Rally Car driver Jari-Matti Latvala is lucky to be alive after driving over the side of a cliff and tumbling over 500 feet this past weekend. This is the dashboard and external camera views of the accident.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Apr. 6, 2009

    This guy wants to give his small backyard fire a little kick but ends up burning down most of the yard.

  • Posted by aberdean  / Apr. 6, 2009

    A snowmobiler races up a mountainside in Valemount this weekend and nearly reaches the top before causing an avalanche. The dude races the snowfall down the mountain and escapes unharmed.

  • Posted by fx306  / Apr. 7, 2009

    A guy gets his wallet stolen by a gang while riding a bus in Paris. He is beaten up in front of the other passengers while he tries to get it back.

  • Posted by mrwangers  / Apr. 7, 2009

    The driver probably won't take another car out for a spin for awhile after this weird car crash. Rally car crashes are very common, but this accident is pretty bizarre even for high-speed race. Even though it was a pretty scary crash, though, the driver didn't suffer any serious injuries. Just like NASCAR, it's very probable that people only watch rally car racing for the crashes. Otherwise, it seems like a very boring sport, doesn't it? Much like hockey, rally racing has a bunch of expository action that eventually leads to a few isolated incidences of crazy violence. Each car crash is equivalent to a three-person brawl.

  • Posted by howthehellareyou  / Apr. 7, 2009

    The most frustrating thing about watching this shot by Vijay Singh is I've bounced 1000s of balls off the water and never once did I get one back let alone find it in the bottom of the cup.