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  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Jun. 18, 2009

    Here is something you don't see everyday. Out of nowhere a cat decides to attack a full grown rottweiler and not only comes out alive but makes the rottweiler hide and cry.

  • Posted by gigistudio  / Jun. 18, 2009

    Julian Simon realizes too late that he's not quite done with the race, costing him the checkered flag. Finishing prematurely can be so embarrassing.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / Jun. 18, 2009

    If you’re going to test a bra you might as well have a bunch of hotbabes testing them on a roller coaster! This video is the epitome of titty. Ten super hot models on roller coaster testing the support of their sexy bras. Several flips and turns and all of these hotbabes titties stay in place. This video really separates the real boobs from the fakes. Some of these boobies jiggle but some of them just stand still even on a five G turn. Now this is what I call a thrill ride!

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Jun. 18, 2009

    Here is an old classic that's been passed around quite a bit recently. A cameraman stands on the edge of a ramp and gets clipped then run over by a truck trying to jump it.

  • Posted by Towar  / Jun. 19, 2009

    With the incredible success of Britain's Got Talent Armenia tried a spin off of the show Armenia's Got Talent. Turns out not so much. A great clip from a terrible talent show.

  • Posted by AlanUltraSlo  / Jun. 19, 2009

    Man, why's this taking so long to pop? I'm hungry...oh, right, this is as filmed at 7000 frames per second. I can wait.

  • Posted by Towar  / Jun. 19, 2009

    No one screams 'Jerry! Jerry!' on this talk show, but the little guy's blowup and the big guy's laughs are hilarious in any language.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 19, 2009

    This Break Gallery is guaranteed to contain awesome pics that will keep you busy all weekend. Enjoy!

  • Posted by gagfilms  / Jun. 20, 2009

    You don't need a tiger, Mike Tyson, and roofies to get a hangover. A sixer and fleas will do it.

  • Posted by abouttotilt  / Jun. 22, 2009

    Terrell Owens was matched up with Joanna Krupa who gets pissed off during The Superstars and not only swears a dozen times in under a minute she blames the loss on T.O.

  • Posted by thebuzzkiller69dude  / Jun. 23, 2009

    Bolivian News rushed to the air in hopes they were the first in the world to find pictures from inside Air France 447. Turned out they only had a few photos from the opening scene of Lost.

  • Posted by borges40  / Jun. 23, 2009

    Remember that bike movie Breaking Away? Well, the title for this Colombian bike racer's movie would be called Breaking a Leg. He also fractured his ankle.

  • Posted by 123neo  / Jun. 24, 2009

    What started as a steady flow of water from a flooded river took out an entire road in just 4 minutes and created a 25 foot gap in the road in less than half an hour.