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  • Posted by zydeco  / Mar. 16, 2009

    Love bots could soon be a possibility, now that Japan finally has a humanoid that they're willing to strut around on their catwalks as a fashion model. It's really creepy when talks.

  • Posted by aaron757  / Mar. 16, 2009

    This pilot films himself taking off in an F15e Strike Eagle and reaching 4 miles of climb in a matter of seconds. An untrained person would have likely passed out from the g-forces of this takeoff. The human body can withstand a pretty good amount of force, but it can't survive a constant g-force. For instance, a slap on the face could transfer hundreds of g's locally, but the cheek can absorb the pressure. Any sustained g-force of more than a minute above 16 g's can prove fatal, though.

  • Posted by kinghellmetal  / Mar. 17, 2009

    This guy is dancing with some chick at a backyard party and tries to pick her up and ends up slamming her against a wooden post.

  • Posted by Walkway200  / Mar. 17, 2009

    A guy's girlfriend decides to kick him right as he dips down for a squat press. This is just unforgivable.

  • Posted by gigistudio  / Mar. 17, 2009

    This referee takes a shot at one of the players and drops him on his back then outruns both teams who try to beat him up.

Light-Up Sheep Art

Posted by PrinceHenryStout  / Mar. 18, 2009

A couple crazy shepherds outfit their sheep with LED vests to create cool designs on a hill. They recreate a game of Pong, fireworks, and the Mona Lisa.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 18, 2009

    Break Gallery 277 is packed full of the most awesome pics the web has to offer. There are sports pics, animal pics, pics of people getting kicked in the name it, it's in this gallery! Enjoy!

  • Posted by carver55  / Mar. 18, 2009

    A Russian Idol contestant moves onto the next round (I think), and jumps right off the stage when going for her ticket. They even have to call in the medical team afterward.

  • Posted by buckwebber  / Mar. 18, 2009

    Not satisfied with being thrown out of the bar and embarrassed, this guy decides to get a little revenge by driving his truck repeatedly into the rear entrance. Insert inappropriate joke here.

  • Posted by NastyTheHorse  / Mar. 19, 2009

    Just in case one or both of your stones are still intact after a stupid stunt like this, there's a second beam to make sure you take yourself out of the gene pool.

  • Posted by NewBee101  / Mar. 19, 2009

    This Spanish man either has a abnormally large tongue or some other deformity, because he is actually able to suck up his entire chin in the best bitter beer face ever.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Mar. 20, 2009

    Not your ordinary romantic drive. rofl, the face car driver’s Wife starts freaking out, she looks like she’s about to cry. I use to say these rally car racers were insane but the more I think about it though they have hot wives, spend their life driving fast cars, and make tons of money. So I guess they have it figured out pretty well.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Mar. 20, 2009

    This guy got a ticket for not having a front license plate but then realized the cop that gave him the ticket didn't have one on his car either.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 20, 2009

    Break Gallery 278 is overflowing with awesome pics gathered from all over the web. Spend the weekend with this gallery and you won't be disappointed! Enjoy!

  • Posted by zydeco  / Mar. 20, 2009

    During a high speed chase on the 805 freeway in San Diego, drug dealers ditched bundles of cash, causing chaos. People stopped on the side or middle of the freeway to grab whatever money they could. This is both the worst getaway and the coolest commute in the history of that stretch of highway. The only thing that would be cooler is if they were escaping a bank or something in a helicopter, engaging in a firefight with cops while money spilled out of the sky, floating down to the amazed and crazed crowd on the city streets below. Brb, updating my screenplay...

  • Posted by licky_boy45  / Mar. 21, 2009

    A guy is very unhappy to find that his friends have buried his car in snow right before he has to leave for work.