Page 6 Archives for September 2008

  • Posted by Spackle1234  / Sep. 29, 2008

    In case you were wondering why Obama has a snowball's chance in hell, listen to this average Southerner talk about him and the A-rabs.

  • Posted by lildan69us  / Sep. 29, 2008

    This guy is in charge of demolishing a small building and he ends up tossing a block of concrete at a pillar which brings the entire house down on top of him.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Sep. 30, 2008

    This big dude tries to jump through a small life perserver floating in a pool. Place your bets again, do you think he will fit?

  • Posted by Spackle1234  / Sep. 30, 2008

    Some people get slammed by phone companies when they go over on their minutes. Other students just get their phones viciously slammed into the ground.

  • Posted by buckwebber  / Sep. 30, 2008

    He broke the number one rule of Idiot Swing Club: Never, ever let go. His punishment is a head-first dive into the side of a car.

  • Posted by BobZamuda  / Sep. 30, 2008

    No waves, no brain, no problem. Well, he didn't have a problem, until he slipped off the board and slammed into the ground.