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  • Posted by brock2020  / Sep. 11, 2008

    This kid gets hit hard in the nuts after his buddy attempts to jump through his legs while he does a handstand on the edge of a pier.

  • Posted by alex13v12  / Sep. 11, 2008

    Some chick loses her balance while filming a show at sea world and falls off the edge of a bridge.

  • Posted by baddozer  / Sep. 12, 2008

    Some hot chick decides to auction away her virginity to the highest bidder. I love the one girls opinion that its actually noble of her as long as she is receiving money. I wonder if this will become a major trend amongst many hot chicks. Hey, it could happen, right? Maybe it could become some form of charity. The idea that a much older man, one who was clearly well off financially but otherwise completely ill-suited to lying down with a young woman, hasn't ever really been fully explored earlier on in human history, has it? Oh, well, except for the whole institution of marriage. Look, just don't tell the hot chicks, alright? They can't know!

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 12, 2008

    Sometimes monkeys just like to put things their butts, but it's cute because they're animals.

  • Posted by breakremix  / Sep. 12, 2008

    Not many better ways to start off your weekend than with some quality footage of people getting hit in the face. Much appreciated, indianamike.

  • Posted by abouttotilt  / Sep. 13, 2008

    These little friggin' animals are officially the World's Most Fearless Animal. Thank God for their tiny bodies, or they might have wiped us all out.

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Sep. 14, 2008

    This kid tries to do a front flip off a wooden platform but rotates too much slamming his face hard into the beach.

  • Posted by Breakidoo  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This guy loses a bet and lets his buddy shoot off a 30 ought 6 rifle within 12 inches of his ear.

  • Posted by ninjarluke  / Sep. 15, 2008

    One of his buddies asks for a huge wipeout, and the skater being pulled behind the car definitely delivers. You might want to cross your legs while you watch this one.

  • Posted by iamrook  / Sep. 15, 2008

    Almost any one would agree that this whip-wielding idiot gets exactly what was coming to him. Never hit a gift horse, unless you want to get kicked in the mouth. Such equine fury is always a moment away!

  • Posted by twindragon  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This wall street crisis is a serious issue. But, two guys behind this reporter are still able to find the lighter side of the story.

  • Posted by nqtv  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This French kangaroo is one of the trickiest pranksters in the animal kingdom. The panda bears from the 'Jackass' movies don't even come close.

  • Posted by camjuliencaron  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This kid fails multiple times at a double backflip on a ramp and finally after landing on his head enough times he pulls it off.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Sep. 16, 2008

    Cat videos like this one are actually kind of creepy. This cat moves up a hallway without ever moving its feet. We bow to your skills, Ninja Cat. Easily the sneakiest of all the cats in cute cat videos. Cat videos don't normally show off this kind of tactical expertise, but it's nice to see.

  • Posted by Breakidoo  / Sep. 16, 2008

    The odds of being hit by a bullet ricochet are probably a billion to one, but I doubt that this incredibly lucky guy will think twice before putting a helmet on next time he picks up a rifle.

  • Posted by BLL_Video  / Sep. 16, 2008

    If MacGyver had to make a contraption that breaks light bulbs on the faces of idiots, and he only had safety pins and a cell phone, he would have made this.

  • Posted by Charlie01  / Sep. 16, 2008

    As the gate closes, this woman tries to pull an Indiana Jones by dropping a bag and getting out of the way. She isn't as quick as Indy, but she manages to get out ok.

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Sep. 16, 2008

    This kid is really pissed off that someone stole his plant so he tries to start a fight with a cheap shot to some innocent kid.