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  • Posted by NTFBlackFire  / Sep. 2, 2008

    Well, you got to give this poor kid some credit for determination. He attempts the exact same stunt wiping out over and over again and in the end breaks his ankle.

  • Posted by PeteyxPoo  / Sep. 2, 2008

    This kid flies high, but he falls a little short of his goal. Actually, he falls very short. Onto his face.

  • Posted by guy8689  / Sep. 2, 2008

    Ever hear of Rocky the Flying Squirrel? He's got nothing on this little guy and his ability to get some huge air. Don't worry: he was fine on the landing. Totally professional. Seriously, though, a squirrel can definitely survive the height that he was tossed. Maybe he ended up landing in a tree or on a soft bed of clover in the forest. Squirrels are kind of like the terminators of the forest. You can fling them impossible distances and they still manage to come back with those mechanical, eerily red-gleaming eyes of theirs. Come to think of it, squirrels are kind of indestructible. Unless they run across a road with cars driving quickly. It's their one weakness.

  • Posted by P1Jason  / Sep. 2, 2008

    This guy is always telling people how mean his pet Rottweiler is. This is what happened when his wife brought home a kitten the other day.

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  • Posted by blkout15  / Sep. 3, 2008

    This dude gets big air on a jump, but comes down on his front wheel, causing him to slam his face into the landing ramp.

  • Posted by lolerskates08  / Sep. 3, 2008

    This soccer chick never saw it coming and falls hard on her back after a big hit.

  • Posted by Duckkbuster  / Sep. 3, 2008

    This guy seems like a kite pro at the beginning of the video, but gravity eventually brings him back to earth. Then, it dunks him in the swamp for good measure.

  • Posted by blkout15  / Sep. 3, 2008

    Not exactly a jump with a high degree of difficulty, but we can give him extra creativity for the twist near the end. Also, the dismount needs work.

  • Posted by Oaktownsfinest  / Sep. 3, 2008

    Skaters usually learn lessons the hard way. After learning his lesson in this video, maybe the little skater should consider wearing a chest pad to the skate park.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 3, 2008

    Break Gallery 223! What more can I say? Another Wednesday Night and another kick ass gallery from Break. Keep sending in the great pics guys!

  • Posted by bball65  / Sep. 4, 2008

    Despite the huge fist in the background, slapping the host probably doesn't guarantee any prizes on this show. It definitely wouldn't fly on 'The Price is Right.'

  • Posted by BrianMac  / Sep. 4, 2008

    Shopping cart stupidity isn't just for parking lots anymore. Did his buddies force him to wear that dress, or did he just put it on himself?

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Sep. 4, 2008

    These helicopters are incredibly precise instruments, when piloted correctly. Stay tuned for the sequel when he uses sidewinder missiles to blow out the candles.

  • Posted by yonkida  / Sep. 4, 2008

    This dude is extremely lucky. He is filming his buddy take aim with a .270 caliber gun when the bullet ricochets off the target and clips him in the arm.

  • Posted by pur3strl3b  / Sep. 5, 2008

    Some big dude picks a fight, but when he starts to get his butt kicked, he starts crying and begs the other guy to stop.

  • Posted by tyvick23  / Sep. 5, 2008

    Three guys sitting around a table. Lots of empty beer bottles. Place your bets on which one tumbles first!