Page 6 Archives for October 2008

  • Posted by carver55  / Oct. 30, 2008

    One of our funniest all-time backfires, this prank backfire features a hidden ghoul that gets a surprise of his own. When you decide to "Trick or Treat" a nervous guy on a news show, don't be surprised if you get a prank backfire in your candy bag.

  • Posted by xBloodyxJamesx  / Oct. 30, 2008

    When there aren't any waves, the idiots go car surfing. Watch what happens when you slam into the ground instead of the water.

  • Posted by Badestboners  / Oct. 31, 2008

    We don't recommend doing home improvement stuff after a few beers, unless you want to end up burned and in pain like this guy.

  • Posted by breakremix  / Oct. 31, 2008

    Start your spooky night right with the last of our three Halloween vids of the day: a fantastic collection of our best scare clips.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 31, 2008

    Break Gallery 240 is packed with Halloween pics, SUPER CREEPY VINTAGE HALLOWEEN PICS, and some normal, everyday funny pics thrown in there too. Also, some chicks here and there. DON'T FORGET TO SEND YOUR HALLOWEEN PICS TO PHOTOCONTEST@BREAK.COM. Happy Halloween!