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  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 21, 2008

    Break Gallery 246 is a HUGE gallery overflowing with awesome pics from all around the web. It's guaranteed to turn that frown upside down (this only applies to people who are currently frowning). Enjoy!

  • Posted by kamspsjaak  / Nov. 22, 2008

    Jumping off a bridge and slamming down onto a bus was the easy part; the real dare was wearing that ridiculous biker outfit while doing the jump.

  • Posted by alexander2  / Nov. 23, 2008

    An on patrol police dash camera captures a small meteor striking Edmonton, Canada. Fortunately, no intelligent life forms were within 200 miles of the impact. (just kidding Canada)

  • Posted by Saval  / Nov. 23, 2008

    The guy on the left was acting all cocky during this match finishing his sandwhich before actually trying to win but karma had a funny way of showing up in the end.

  • Posted by smellthis  / Nov. 23, 2008

    A couple French guys get into an argument, and one of them takes a sickeningly quick punch that propels his head into a car. Somehow he is OK afterward.

  • Posted by mynameisnotgary  / Nov. 24, 2008

    Hats off to this kid (literally) as he displays his top-notch reflexes as a soccer ball flies directly into face.

  • Posted by illmactic  / Nov. 24, 2008

    A fisherman in Bangladesh is amazingly able to stack up to 20 cement bricks on his head while on a rickety boat, then carry them off for his day's work.

  • Posted by Mothman405  / Nov. 24, 2008

    Some bright chemistry students filled and sealed a beer bottle with water, left it on a hot stove, and waited to see what would happen.

  • Posted by Breakidoo  / Nov. 24, 2008

    This dude comes stolling home from a long day of classes only to finally get to his room and have 35,000 volts of electicity run through his body as he touches his door.

  • Posted by Photoshocks  / Nov. 25, 2008

    This dude flips his 2+ Million dollar CAT and scrambles to get it back up before his foreman returns to the job site only to make the problem far worse.

  • Posted by djhooker  / Nov. 25, 2008

    Professional-yet-crazy daredevil Eric Scott uses a hydrogen peroxide-powered jet pack to soar over the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado. Absolutely amazing feat.

  • Posted by hgear  / Nov. 25, 2008

    A remote-controlled submarine caught footage of a scary and strangely 'elbowed' Magnapinna squid one mile below the ocean's surface. If we ever find one that has thumbs, we'll really be in trouble.

  • Posted by youknowmyname  / Nov. 25, 2008

    After, getting whooped at Mario Kart for the last 3 weeks this dude finally figured out a way to beat his roommate.

  • Posted by darky  / Nov. 26, 2008

    I felt bad at first for this guy but seriously how oblivious can you be not to figure out that the ridiculous sounding laugh in the background might be a clue on who through it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 26, 2008

    Break Gallery 247 is jam-packed with awesome pics, just in time for your T-Day break. It's perfect for when your relatives start driving you completely crazy. Enjoy!

  • Posted by sarborozos  / Nov. 26, 2008

    He looks like a Parkour pro for about the first twenty-five seconds of this clip. Then, he falls from grace.

  • Posted by luke12345  / Nov. 26, 2008

    Here's a classic Break vid for Thanksgiving--I've never seen a guy fail this badly while trying to get to that 2-for-1 sale down at the bottom of the mall.