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  • Posted by bigband  / Nov. 18, 2008

    This kid used up a lifetime of luck in just 30 minutes on a gameshow but it was one hell of a ride.

  • Posted by BigDogTheMan  / Nov. 18, 2008

    A lot of negative things are being said about the US automakers lately but you got to admit they hold up better then Chinese made cars.

  • Posted by Bloodsting  / Nov. 18, 2008

    This skater not only breaks his ankle on his landing but the board knocks out two teeth as it bounces up and hits him in the face.

  • Posted by PrinceHenryStout  / Nov. 18, 2008

    Football hasn't seen a catch like this since the days when Terry Bradshaw actually had hair. A receiver gets brutally speared and still manages to hang on for the TD.

  • Posted by CrackedStaff  / Nov. 18, 2008

    If pornos are known for one thing its sex. If they are known for two things its sex, and great names. From characters like Princess Laya and Luke Skyboner to titles like Star Wars: The Empire Licks Crack. The porn industry has defined itself with crazy names. This video explores the hidden side of porno titles to show us an intense world. Full of innuendo and double, sometimes triple, entendres. The sex on film industry prides itself on innovative names. So if you love pornos, or names, or just funny videos then this is the video for you.

  • Posted by 4inch  / Nov. 19, 2008

    This is security footage of a dining room of a cruise boat as it hits rough seas. The video starts of a bit slow but by the end the dining room is completely destroyed.

  • Posted by scrfce  / Nov. 19, 2008

    A dumb young player tries to handspring into his throw and ends up obliterating a defender's face with the ball. Leave the fancy stuff to Ronaldinho, kid.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Nov. 19, 2008

    C' you really think a little white powder is gonna phase the Lohan? Not a chance, buddy.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 19, 2008

    Break Gallery 245 is LOADED with awesome pics to get you over hump day. It's better than a chocolate-covered million dollar bill. Why is it better? Because this gallery actually exists. Enjoy!

  • Posted by liv4gtrhero  / Nov. 20, 2008

    This is one of the most original and coolest videos I have seen in awhile. The amount of takes they must of had to get the timing down on this is insane.

  • Posted by Chalups  / Nov. 20, 2008

    A CCTV camera catches a Turkish man dousing his former friend's car in gasoline and flicking a match, causing the whole car to explode in flames.

  • Posted by laffordie  / Nov. 20, 2008

    Is it just me or doesn't it seem that every person that lights themselves on fire ends up surprised when the flames are hot and burn. I'd think they would of figured for that ahead of time. Then again they did light themselves on fire.

  • Posted by bnbamity  / Nov. 21, 2008

    Sarah Palin is interviewed and asked what she is thankful for while a turkey is slaughtered in the background. Pretty sure that if they would've asked the turkey the same question, he would've had a shorter list.

  • Posted by BigShirz  / Nov. 21, 2008

    A bunch of guys send their friend flying into the roof. They were so close to launching the first moron into orbit.

  • Posted by mizznike  / Nov. 21, 2008

    Check out this really cool commercial for a Chinese phone company in which they superimpose old Bruce Lee footage into a ping-pong match.