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  • Posted by bidcars  / May. 6, 2008

    This parent finds a backpack full of weed in his sons room. He decides to take it to work to deal with later but while at work he gets confronted by the drug dealer wanting the weed back. Dad 1 Dealer 0.

  • Posted by Top10Rater  / May. 6, 2008

    This thing is friggin cool. I actually searched to see if this is something you could buy but I couldn't find anything.

  • Posted by kanthony29  / May. 7, 2008

    This guy is recording a song in his kitchen when his girlfriend calls. His reaction is hilarious. I love how he talks to his girl on the phone.

  • Posted by KINGABRAN  / May. 7, 2008

    This is a pretty simple yet confusing trick that you can challenge anyone to and maybe win a beer or something.

  • Posted by TheGame1001  / May. 7, 2008

    Some little kid is running around and generally being annoying while this band is performing for a crowd. The tuba player in the back right doesn't put up with that kind of crap.

  • Posted by Catmag  / May. 7, 2008

    Some crazy goose relentlessly attacks a boater and his dog. What you didn't see is that the boater was eating a foiegras sandwich that was made from the goose's brother. And geese are the most vengeful animal.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 7, 2008

    Break Gallery #190!!! Fun and Games is over peoples, time to get serious about things with the coolest pictures on the internet ever... Get some and enjoy it!

  • Posted by PongShooters973  / May. 8, 2008

    A drunk driver merges over two lanes of traffic and cuts off a speeding biker causing him to slam into the back of his car.

  • Posted by dumbass4  / May. 8, 2008

    A conflict arises on a train and this lovely and not at all crazy young woman uses her indoor voice to calmly and rationally find a resolution to the problem. I'm pressin charges!!!

  • Posted by ajc7099  / May. 8, 2008

    This amazing young guitar player video showcases the talent of one Asian musical prodigy. This brilliant virtuoso has years to pursue his craft. Making his art more and more focused until one day where he will play the sun. How will this youthful guitarist accomplish this feat? With a fleet of starships and a willingness to win that’s how So keep your eyes to the sky to see what this amazing young guitar player will do next.

  • Posted by barelypolitical  / May. 8, 2008

    Recently Obama stopped off at the Apollo to try his hand at stand up. I can't wait to see his impression of white people dancing and or driving.

  • Posted by PongShooters973  / May. 8, 2008

    This kid is only a couple months old and he already knows exactly what he wants. Enjoy it while it lasts buddy because soon you can kiss your five times a day goodbye forever.

  • Posted by BruisedBergina  / May. 9, 2008

    I didn't even know their actually was scooter races. It's kind of like those walking races. What's the point? Now if this dude gets kicked out of the scooter racing class what does he fall down too.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 9, 2008

    Break Gallery #191!!! Hold on to your hats peoples, there is a gallery about to bust all over your face here. So saddle up and click it!

  • Posted by BurnyMac  / May. 10, 2008

    This guy tells his buddy he will give him a case of beer if he lets him toss a Nerf Vortex football at him from 75 yards away but he can't block it. Check out the aim on this direct hit that won the poor guy a case of beer.