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  • Posted by JesseWell  / May. 1, 2008

    Some chick fakes at the dinner table that she is choking on her dinner. Not sure what type of move her Dad was using to save her. Safe bet if she was actually choking she would be dead right now.

  • Posted by dustyroad  / May. 1, 2008

    This kid wants to teach his aunt that she should lock her doors by putting on a hockey mask and scaring her while she is on the phone. Her reaction from the scare is awesome.

  • Posted by phatmonky  / May. 2, 2008

    Many news agencies are reporting that Florida Biology teacher, Tiffany Shepherd, was fired for wearing a bikini while on a charter boat over the weekend. Got to wonder if she wasn't this hot would she of still been fired for simply wearing a bikini.

  • Posted by Jonlajoie  / May. 2, 2008

    If your girlfriend has put on a couple extra pounds and you are looking for an easy way to break up with her without crushing her chubby feelings, follow Jon Lajoie's lead.

  • Posted by notoriousjk  / May. 2, 2008

    From Britain Got Talent, this is a video of a special moment in the season where an act took the audience and judges completely by surprise. A Michael Jackson impersonator does some unbelievable MJ moves on the Britain Got Talent stage. However, this act ends with a shocking twist when a special guest shows up on stage disguised as a janitor. What appeared to be solo performance turns into a dancing duo and the crowd goes wild. These guys are so talented. The Britain Got Talent audience gets up on their feet and claps along with the two performers, while the judges look on in awe. This video will definitely make you smile if it doesn't also have you attempting the moonwalk.

  • Posted by Turducken  / May. 2, 2008

    This is actually pretty mean. These parents spin their kid on a little playground dish at least 50 times and then watch as he gets up dizzy and walks straight into a pole.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 2, 2008

    Break Gallery 189!!! Another weekend gallery to purge your delight to. Get em while they're hot, get em while they last!

  • Posted by Manolox14  / May. 4, 2008

    This fail video is a little long, but its a must see. It's just one great, big compilation of fail pictures. It is fail in all of it's stupid glory. More fail than you could possibly want or need!

  • Posted by HZolly345  / May. 5, 2008

    Great compilation of some of the best (or worst) ski crashes over the last 5 years. These speedsters can get up to speeds well over 80 MPH. Its a miracle that anyone can walk away from these horrific crashes.

  • Posted by MadOverlord  / May. 5, 2008

    Some guy has taken a Casio Exilim EX-F1 camera and filmed 4 different diet coke and mentos experiments at 1200 frames per second (FPS). The explosions are actually kind of mesmerizing.

  • Posted by rickybobby08  / May. 5, 2008

    If you're like me you drink and eat way too much all weekend then hit the gym Monday night. Tonight I have a new routine to try out thanks to this fat little kid.

  • Posted by tical9  / May. 5, 2008

    What if James Bond wasn't actually a polished gentlemen who wore tuxedos but was in reality a homeless guy?

  • Posted by Kawa68  / May. 5, 2008

    On May 1st in Switzerland some dude drives right through the middle of a crowded street injuring two innocent people. Police put out a two star alert but the driver ended up losing them during the chase.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / May. 6, 2008

    Some guy tries to peel out his back tire in a parking lot when suddenly it grips the round and speeds off slamming the rider hard into the side of a car.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / May. 6, 2008

    These guys distract their friend on a golf course while a couple others sneak up from behind and cause a classic faceplant.