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  • Posted by TheBat1962  / Jul. 8, 2008

    This kid is talking trash behind a fence till he suddenly realizes that he probably was standing too close to the fence.

  • Posted by FerrisYJ  / Jul. 9, 2008

    Has anyone ever done this successfully? Some dude fails at drinking a flaming shot and nearly catches half his apartment room on fire.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 9, 2008

    Break Gallery #209!!! Every once in awhile the best gallery you will ever see comes along... Enjoy it peoples!

  • Posted by whitetrashpimp  / Jul. 10, 2008

    This dude gets drunk at a party and brings his motorcycle into the living room and burns out the tires. This is going to be a rough stain to get out in the morning.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Jul. 10, 2008

    A referee shows up drunk to a game, gets on video, and is judged harshly. Let me tell you that this video only shows half of the story. This intoxicated ref was deeply in debt to the mob from money he borrowed for his mothers heart surgery. He was unable to repay the gangsters on his meager salary. So the mob abducted his referee wife and referee child. He entered an underground drinking tournament to win the money to free his family and repay the mafia. So when you see him show up drunk to the game after his ordeal, hold off your judgment. This man is a hero.

  • Posted by cowies12  / Jul. 10, 2008

    In the opening act of their home movie this guy is supposed to pull a fire filled pan out of the oven and introduce himself. It does not go well.

  • Posted by jevandees  / Jul. 10, 2008

    Is it just me or do all older siblings simply suck by nature? This girl jumps onto a trampoline and without any hesitation she instinctively pushes her baby sister off of it and into the water.

  • Posted by burrows  / Jul. 11, 2008

    This is the raw video footage recently recovered from the boat Little Murka off the coast of Ireland. Dom Mee the owner of Little Murka was caught in the largest hurricane on record in 2005.

  • Posted by stanfordace  / Jul. 12, 2008

    This dude rigs his lawnmower to pull him from behind on his skateboard however, things don't turn out that well for the skater in the end.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 12, 2008

    Break Gallery #210!!! Get your Saturday gallery up close and personal right here right now peoples. A hard charging collection of awesome!

  • Posted by giftedwon  / Jul. 14, 2008

    Pretty brutal motorcycle accident after an attempted wheelie. Is there any other kind of motorcycle accident, though? It's hard to think of a motorcycle accident that goes better than expected, but any motorcycle accident that leaves the rider alive could be considered a good one.

  • Posted by coooooldawg  / Jul. 14, 2008

    The winds pick up at a local beach and a large umbrella gets tossed through the air and takes out an old lady.