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  • Posted by burrows  / Jan. 12, 2008

    You always see these guys rolling around stuntn and showing off and think to yourself, they just have to crash sometime. Well, here it is.

  • Posted by Tuckmonster  / Jan. 13, 2008

    This chick has a funny reaction when her boyfriend jumps out and scares the hell out of her. If you can top this scare send it in and the best video over the next week Ill toss up on the homepage.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Jan. 13, 2008

    Russian cops do not mess around at all. This guy walks into a casino and kicks the crap out of three guys expected of cheating the casino.

  • Posted by Apple06  / Jan. 13, 2008

    Please do not watch this movie and then complain that a spider ate a mouse. They are not trained to do this they do it because it is their nature and its kinda just how the whole system works.

  • Posted by weside13  / Jan. 13, 2008

    I am sending all my buddies this video. A guy is filming his girlfriend ride a bike and ends up catching a smokin hot chick ten feet from the camera have a major wardrobe malfunction.

  • Posted by newbombturks  / Jan. 13, 2008

    Another stellar short from Nick Swardson and friends. This time he gives his take on what TGI Fridays should be like.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Jan. 14, 2008

    This video was created for the Portable Film Festival and captures one hundred people aged one to one hundred banging a drum.

  • Posted by HokkieVrokkie  / Jan. 14, 2008

    This Australian kid threw a party while his parents were out of town, 500 people showed up and terrorized the neighborhood. In this funny video, some TV news station gets him for an interview and he is not sorry about it at all.

  • Posted by IS_300_kid  / Jan. 14, 2008

    These kids track down an old guy who egged their brothers car and take it upon themselves to exact a little revenge with a potato gun.

  • Posted by AwkwardPictures  / Jan. 15, 2008

    This guy does a parody of all the videos out their that try to do impersonations of celebrities but this one is actually really funny.

  • Posted by slimjim003  / Jan. 15, 2008

    This chick jumps off a strange swinging contraption and proceeds to do some backflips in the air. Her landing does not go well.

  • Posted by OpieandAnthony  / Jan. 15, 2008

    Is anyone surprised that the Australian Party Kid is huge fan of The more I hear from Corey the more he rules. Keep in mind hes only 16 and he is now internationally famous for throwing a party where 500 people showed up and caused $20,000 damage.

  • Posted by deano791  / Jan. 15, 2008

    A couple German kids hack into the highway system and change the electronic signs to display whatever they want. Sucks that I have no clue what their typing. Can anyone help translate.

  • Posted by abouttotilt  / Jan. 15, 2008

    Not to be out done by her grandson the Technovikings Grandma shows that even in her old age she still has moves.

  • Posted by balloonx  / Jan. 16, 2008

    I thought this prank was worth posting. A girl asks people walking by for directions and the fisherman seems to accidentally rip off her skirt with his fishing pole.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Jan. 16, 2008

    Well it took him two kicks and then if you watch closely it seems like he has a bit of a limp as he walks away but got to give him credit.

  • Posted by bdunc8  / Jan. 16, 2008

    How many times do we have to remind people that you shouldnt sled down a hill that has that has trees and light poles at the base? This guy learned the hard way.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 16, 2008

    Break Gallery #172!!! Another week of the best pics the internet has to offer. So sit back, take a load off, and enjoy the funny pics!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 17, 2008

    This is one of the longest and most kick ass hockey brawls I have ever seen. It seems as if the motto of these teams is, when in doubt, throw a punch.

  • Posted by balloonx  / Jan. 17, 2008

    Its an old and simple trick but its definetly one of my favorites. As women with skirts on walk into a grocery store a fan blows from underneath them.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Jan. 17, 2008

    A bunch of kids drop the base of a snowman over 20 feet on top of their buddy holding nothing more than a flimsy inner tube. The blow crushes down on him and knocks him out cold.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 17, 2008

    Apparently this secret video got out about the new movie Cloverfield. At first glance we thought it was a real news clip, does anyone know what this movie is about?