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  • Posted by pollock77  / Jan. 7, 2008

    This guy tries to show off for his friends at work but loses control when he pops a wheelie and ends up breaking his leg.

  • Posted by Diquephore  / Jan. 8, 2008

    These kids rig a chair and then tell their buddy they made the homepage of Now that it actually made the homepage it could become an endless circle of pranks.

  • Posted by turkeyneck  / Jan. 8, 2008

    Her husband is supposed to be at work but when he comes home early and catches them in the act, the hot action deflates pretty quick.

  • Posted by manis85  / Jan. 8, 2008

    What do you do when you are annoyed with your drunk roommate always coming home and breaking stuff? You wait for him to return from the bars and you smash a bottle on his head.

  • Posted by biocrazy1  / Jan. 8, 2008

    There is a recent internet conspiracy theory that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was shot and killed by assassins of Putin, and George Bush is assisting in covering it up. Personally, Im going with poor video quality.

  • Posted by Atomsko  / Jan. 9, 2008

    I love this prank. It might be getting a little old now but too see someone get so happy and then just like that take all that happiness away and laughed at instead is classic.

  • Posted by watugot  / Jan. 9, 2008

    These guys built a slide down a very steep hill and connected the end to an above ground pool. They claim to get speeds up to 100 MPH on the way down... Is that possible?

  • Posted by jfz08  / Jan. 9, 2008

    Swear To God is a pretty funny spoof of those Anti Smoking Truth Campaign ads. I guess this is the Anti Anti Smoking ad.

  • Posted by haveuseenmystapler  / Jan. 9, 2008

    Some guy gets his ATV gains some speed then jumps into a tree. Ahhh the things we do when we're bored.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 9, 2008

    Break Gallery #171!!! Here we go again people, another rock solid collection of the coolest and funniest pics on the internet. Now get some!

  • Posted by hemso  / Jan. 10, 2008

    Although she did get hit by a car this is one extreemly lucky woman. This car slides this chick and drags her hundreds of feet and in the end she gets up and walks away (almost).

  • Posted by lauralaw83  / Jan. 10, 2008

    This is recently released footage from the US Navy of exactly what happened on January 7th when Iran speedboats provoked the US Navy.

  • Posted by weside13  / Jan. 10, 2008

    This is a pretty impressive parkour move. Some dude runs up and along a wall clearing seven of his friends lined up against it.

  • Posted by balloonx  / Jan. 10, 2008

    I didnt think this was that great of a clip until the very end when the dude walked on by. For some reason what he tells the guy made me laugh out loud.

  • Posted by pmh1718  / Jan. 10, 2008

    This dude purchased a brand new Wii then opened it up piece by piece to see whats inside. This is definetly an interesting but geeky video so dont be expecting him to find three Gameboys and a couple dozen AA batteries.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 10, 2008

    Whats the friggin purpose of a crash test for motorcycles. Its like having a crash test for hot air balloons. There is nothing you can do to a motorcycle to make it safer when side swiping a car at 50mph.

  • Posted by dante_swang  / Jan. 11, 2008

    Not only does Joaquin Phoenix mispell his name but he makes an attempt to honor the writing strike by not speaking however, fails to realize that his entire video is written.

  • Posted by MORASEN  / Jan. 11, 2008

    These kids wanted to go surfing but there were no waves. They chose the next best thing they could think of. Shouldnt be long until we get some crash vids from them.

  • Posted by hoipeds  / Jan. 11, 2008

    There have been many lonely nights I have been practicing my yoga in an attempt to do what this cow has seemingly mastered. Cows and dogs, you may seem dumb, but you have definitely gotten one thing right.

  • Posted by manis85  / Jan. 11, 2008

    This is a bit of old school retaliation against a roommate that broke a bottle against his head. A bit much maybe, you be the judge.