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  • Posted by Fun_University  / Feb. 14, 2008

    A cupid walks around town shooting his arrow of love at a bunch of different people taking them down hard.

  • Posted by centralparkflyer  / Feb. 14, 2008

    This guy nearly kills himself bringing his plane down then as he jumps out of the way he causes his plane to land on its wing destroying itself.

  • Posted by rednekga  / Feb. 14, 2008

    Oh man I didnt think girls underwear would support the infamous hanging wedgie but this video proves it can. I hope this prank becomes a trend.

  • Posted by mak088  / Feb. 14, 2008

    I just thought it was important to post this video in order to state that we absolutely do not condone the activity of shooting unwanted varmits with these exploding grenade bullets.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 15, 2008

    As an alumni of NIU and with family still attending the University this definetly hit close to home for me. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones.

  • Posted by insaneskidude  / Feb. 15, 2008

    Some very ordinary people make some very insane ski jumps. These guys are either totally insane or have really bad judgment. Or there are some really hot Swedish girls at the bottom of that cliff.

  • Posted by MTrinca  / Feb. 15, 2008

    At first I swore this guy had music pumping in but now I really think he's making the sounds with just the glasses. That guy's got some talent!

  • Posted by Young_Weezy  / Feb. 15, 2008

    Some poor guy plans an elaborate Valentine's Day proposal in front of a live national TV audience and stadium full of people. It doesn't go well. The girl probably just realized she is way out of this guy's league.

  • Posted by zackdotcom  / Feb. 16, 2008

    As a kid I was a big fan of the movie Stand By Me. I must have watched it 100 times but I don't remember this scene...

  • Posted by leipoez  / Feb. 16, 2008

    We have had this video submitted at least 10 times in the last week or so. Its the worlds smallest bodybuilder showing off that he can lift a dumbell. I do give the little fella credit though.

  • Posted by techguy76a  / Feb. 16, 2008

    We have posted a ton of hot chicks in the past five years but I think its safe to say that this chick is by far the hottest (and most insane). Fortunately, she only suffered minor burns and is fine due to the semi-fast response of the firefighters.

  • Posted by FlipGuy37  / Feb. 17, 2008

    Most people assume that they love the very sexy Vida Guerra for her legendary butt. Well her boobs aren't so bad either and she can do a cool trick with them!

  • Posted by Kawa68  / Feb. 18, 2008

    Some little kid wont listen to his father who tells him not to stand behind a horse.

  • Posted by  / Feb. 18, 2008

    Some kid tries to prank his Dad in the middle of the night but the prank backfires when he opens his parents bedroom door.

  • Posted by Bellerofon  / Feb. 19, 2008

    This thing is friggin awesome. These guys built a double barrel rubber band gun that 100s of rubber bands in a matter of seconds. I got to imagine reloads are a pain in the but though.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Feb. 19, 2008

    A Karate instructor uses a high FPS camera to demonstrate his power in breaking a cinder block. As he makes contact with the block you can see the bones in his hand shatter.

  • Posted by enceptions  / Feb. 19, 2008

    Remember that video we posted about a week ago about the cop picking on the skateboarders. Well, same cop is at it again and while under investigation for the first video here he is picking on a kid and his RC box prank.