Page 5 Archives for August 2008

  • Posted by holytaco  / Aug. 26, 2008

    Little Indian man thinks he can dance. And he can. This guy definitely has talent. He also looks like Tom Cruise's long lost taller brother.

  • Posted by Roadbikematty  / Aug. 26, 2008

    Some dude thinks that since he paid over 350k for his car that it will drive through walls. For that much cash it probably should.

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Aug. 27, 2008

    This Dad teaches his eleven year old daughter how to dismantle an AR-15 machine gun and reassemble it in 53 seconds.

  • Posted by casualvideos  / Aug. 27, 2008

    This kid rides a wheelbarrow down a hill but after hitting a ramp he loses control and the wheelbarrow comes smashing down on his back.

  • Posted by KaiOsorio  / Aug. 27, 2008

    This should be required viewing for all amateur lumberjacks as an example of what not to do. Both of these geniuses feel the tree’s wrath.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 27, 2008

    Fittingly, Break’s first-ever high def video is two girls with luscious Angelina Jolie lips kissing in their underwear. Learning how to kiss might sound a little alarming and like the perfect opportunity to embarrass yourself, but you shouldn't let that stand in your about the right form at Made Manual.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 27, 2008

    For those of you that are not Roman Numeral experts I am pretty sure CCXXI stands for our 221st picture gallery!

  • Posted by gvizzle  / Aug. 28, 2008

    This big guy gets some pretty impressive air on a water trampoline then drops down on the arm of it sending a hot chick flying into the water.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Aug. 29, 2008

    A chick fires a gun but the recoil is so powerful that the gun hits her face and knocks her out.

  • Posted by abouttotilt  / Aug. 29, 2008

    This driver loses control of his car during a drift and slams into a spectator. The driver then gets pissed at the dude for getting in his way. Guess he should be pissed off at the tire barrier and grass too.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Aug. 29, 2008

    Diving into a freezing cold pond is kind of stupid, but still manly. Forgetting to check that the pond hasn't frozen over? Very manly, very stupid.

  • Posted by blkout15  / Aug. 29, 2008

    You just know this trick isn't going to end well within the first two seconds of the video. Today's anatomy lesson: knee joint flexibility.

  • Posted by The_WalrusZF  / Aug. 29, 2008

    A good laugh can definitely make a girl cuter. This girl's laugh makes the guys around her wonder whether or not she is on mind-altering substances.

  • Posted by Chevelle396BB  / Aug. 29, 2008

    This offroad enthusiast decides to gun it after he gets stuck in the mud and his friend laughs at him. Peer pressure always leads to great decisions, right?

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 29, 2008

    Break Gallery CCXXII! Hope you guys are enjoying the long holiday weekend. Here is a quick 25 pic gallery we tossed together.