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  • Posted by Young_Weezy  / Aug. 19, 2008

    Some guy on an eastern European hidden camera tv show walks up to his car only to find some guy vandalizing it with paint. He is not amused.

  • Posted by lsl420  / Aug. 19, 2008

    This is a classic video from years ago that I came across again today. This dude flys through an intersection and somehow avoids cross traffic by inches.

  • Posted by spydervox  / Aug. 19, 2008

    This is raw footage from a passenger on a bus in Poland as a Tornado is formed in front of their bus.

  • Posted by mynameisnotgary  / Aug. 20, 2008

    In fitting with today's theme of never celebrate too early some motocross rider decides to showoff on a jump and ends up snapping his arm like a twig.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 20, 2008

    Break Ga;;ery #219!!! What a week it has been peoples and we have the proof to prove it. Prep your mind grapes because they are about to be squeezed by all of this awesomeness!

  • Posted by Jonlajoie  / Aug. 21, 2008

    Stay at home dads are a demographic that has been ignored for far too long by ganster rap.

  • Posted by booyah85  / Aug. 21, 2008

    If these guys had spent the same amount of time training for a real sport, they might have actually won a medal.

  • Posted by sarah94  / Aug. 21, 2008

    This is the Russian Tsar the largest, most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. 'I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.' -Albert Einstein

    The most powerful nuclear weapon ever, the Russian Tsar, created this Hydrogen bomb explosion. That is one big ass mushroom cloud.

  • Posted by tylerd89  / Aug. 22, 2008

    These guys use the floods Hurricane Fay brought to Florida to go tube riding in the streets. This is what you call making the best of a bad situation with an inner-tube. There are mini wakes in the road which are perfect for tube riding, as if they were in a lake. This is what you call urban tubing.

  • Posted by thecoralreefer  / Aug. 22, 2008

    I'm no doctor, but you have to think that this is going to affect his < a href="">deep throat ability. Now what's he going to do for Skoal money? Apparently this resulted in the kid having to get his tonsils removed. What an idiot.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 23, 2008

    Break Gallery #220!!! Happy Saturday to all, and to celebrate we are bringing you the bestest pictures alive on the enternets! Enjoy!

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Aug. 24, 2008

    These firefighters blast away at a suicide jumper hoping to keep him from jumping however, his persitence finally pays off and he leaps from the building only to land safely in an air cushion below.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Aug. 25, 2008

    A train comes around a corner and surprises a couple kids and as one tries to get out of the way he slips on the tracks.

  • Posted by BruisedBergina  / Aug. 25, 2008

    Amazingly, this tough old lady was fine afterward. I hope being smashed by boxes earns you a free churro, at least.

  • Posted by TKRide  / Aug. 26, 2008

    When your on this pace around the 4th hole the golf cart is far more entertaining than the golf course. Still pretty impressive stunt, I would like to see him give it another try on the 18th hole.