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  • Posted by bluetahoe99  / Sep. 8, 2008

    Most companies have rules about tying up long hair while operating heavy machinery for this very reason. The bald patch is a look that is definitely coming back into style, though.

  • Posted by DJTrumped  / Sep. 8, 2008

    The camera doesn't catch whatever this kid did to anger the guy in the car, but it still caught the funny part. Give the kid extra points for his fake out at the end of the video.

  • Posted by JJ_Allin  / Sep. 8, 2008

    Good thing that blue trashcan is there to span the gap. Not so good for softening this poor girl's landing, but very good for your viewing pleasure.

  • Posted by nickstrick  / Sep. 9, 2008

    Some dude tries to steal money out of a cash register, but he is suddenly surprised by a guard dog behind the counter.

  • Posted by nekidvids  / Sep. 9, 2008

    Just because your friend does a backflip off a pink car doesn't mean you should do it too. Maybe he should've tied double knots in his shoelaces before he jumped.

  • Posted by mandango26  / Sep. 9, 2008

    These Oasis boys just can't help but get into fights. It may look like this guy gets Mr. Gallagher pretty good, but I'd wager they got even backstage.

  • Posted by PottenJack  / Sep. 9, 2008

    The shot placement was very lucky - but the dumb guy getting shot was unlucky to have his mouth open at the time.

  • Posted by yonkida  / Sep. 9, 2008

    Clearly, the fence was better prepared for this battle. Even though the guy finally gets through the barrier, he is humiliated in the process.

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Sep. 10, 2008

    This dude attempts a backflip off a bleacher, and it is by far the worst backflip attempt I have seen. He barely flips enough to land on his back. Any less rotation and he would've actually landed back on his feet.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 10, 2008

    Break Gallery 225! Another Wednesday and we put together another batch of great pics. Got to love the one of David Beckham getting busted. I lost count how many times I have been in the same situation.

  • Posted by 1boily  / Sep. 10, 2008

    When the driver realizes that the tape ahead of him is labeled 'Caution,' he tries to take a detour. He was not very happy with the camera crew on the side of the road.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 10, 2008

    Tarzan this kid is not. Just stay away from jungles, forests, and any other place that might have trees.

  • Posted by Quavis  / Sep. 11, 2008

    This dude tries to jump over one bus and land on another, but he does a poor job lining up the landing and flips onto his roof.

  • Posted by inlineskater00  / Sep. 11, 2008

    This genius runs full speed down the hall of a dorm floor and smacks the corner of a door, knocking him on his back.

  • Posted by transworldmedia  / Sep. 11, 2008

    Even the big man himself knew what was going to happen at the bottom of the ramp. He was going to fall for sure, but the splits are an added bonus.

  • Posted by brock2020  / Sep. 11, 2008

    This kid gets hit hard in the nuts after his buddy attempts to jump through his legs while he does a handstand on the edge of a pier.

  • Posted by alex13v12  / Sep. 11, 2008

    Some chick loses her balance while filming a show at sea world and falls off the edge of a bridge.

  • Posted by baddozer  / Sep. 12, 2008

    Some hot chick decides to auction away her virginity to the highest bidder. I love the one girls opinion that its actually noble of her as long as she is receiving money. I wonder if this will become a major trend amongst many hot chicks. Hey, it could happen, right? Maybe it could become some form of charity. The idea that a much older man, one who was clearly well off financially but otherwise completely ill-suited to lying down with a young woman, hasn't ever really been fully explored earlier on in human history, has it? Oh, well, except for the whole institution of marriage. Look, just don't tell the hot chicks, alright? They can't know!

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 12, 2008

    Sometimes monkeys just like to put things their butts, but it's cute because they're animals.

  • Posted by breakremix  / Sep. 12, 2008

    Not many better ways to start off your weekend than with some quality footage of people getting hit in the face. Much appreciated, indianamike.